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2010 Rims On 2005 Xrs

by Karl XRS December 9, 2014

I have a 2005 Corolla XRS, currently with P205/50R16 tires. Current rims are not stock, previous owner installed. The stock rims would take 195/55R16 tires.

I want to install 2010 stock Corolla rims with P205/55R16 tires.

Would it be fine to install the 2010 wheels without any modifications? Will they fit, and will the car ride okay? It seems that the current rim size is less close to stock than the 2010s I'm considering.

Here is the info on the 2010 rims:

And here is what they actually look like:

The 10th gen tires and wheels are slightly taller (55 vs 50 series) - so the speedo would be off slightly (~1 to 2 MPH at highway speeds). But the offset and bolt pattern would be compatible with the 9th gen Corolla, should be no clearance or ride issues - assuming the suspension of the 2005 Corolla wasn't adversely changed.

I think speedo is off now. Stock would be 55, not 50. I doubt previous owner recalibrated. Previous owner had shorter springs, I replaced them with stock ones earlier this year - ride height increased a bit. Shocks are still aftermarket, though.

I'm hoping to get the 2010s, will post some pics if it happens.

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