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Dim Clock

by Snow Tire November 8, 2014

Has Anyone ever had this problem?

2005 Corolla clock usually starts out bright, then gets dim.

At night with the headlights on it's sometimes hard to see the clock.

Then it gets bright for awhile and then dim.

Intermittent brighter and dimmer, tapping on it has no effect.

That is a known issue on the 9th gen - the clock lighting elements will eventually dim to the point that you cannot see them anymore. Only workaround that I've see is to replace the clock assembly. There were some adventurous owners that trying to resolder some of the damaged wiring on the clock assembly, some even got it to come back to full brightness.

Here is a youtube clip that shows what to look for on the circuit - definitely worth a shot before you outright replace it.


Thank you.

I thought I was the only one. Some day I might try to heat up the solder.

In the meantime I'll have to buy a watch.

I know this is an old thread, but I too have the dreaded Corolla clock problem. I did try soldering myself and it seemed to work for a while, but then kept going out again. I discovered on Ebay there are a few people that do the soldering for about $15 - $20. I decided for $15 it was worth a shot. So I had to take the clock out and ship it to the guy and then he fixes it and ships it back. Well I got it back and the clock was working. I was escstatic. However, towards winter, the clock starting fading out again, then would come back bright, wash and repeat, wash and repeat. The guy did give a lifetime warranty, so I might try contacting him towards the summer, and see if he'll stand behind the warranty.

I know you can just buy a stick on clock but I haven't found one yet that lights up like the regular clock.

Yeah, it was hit or miss on those built-in clocks on that generation - that's what happens when you bid out to the lowest cost.

Some owners never had an issue with their clocks, some are still on their original clocks with no dimming issues at all. Some saw dimming right away, or their clocks completely died.

Re-soldering definitely is the way to go to fix these, but unfortunately, it is like it only works for a while - not a permanent fix. Even with a conformal coating to protect the fix, once previous/new corrosion sets in and/or traces start to open up / pad lifts - then the clock will dim again.

Guest Babz

Hi i have a 2004 corolla but no h or m button for clock does not work as well 

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Can you make a video and upload it to YouTube? You can use your cell phone perhaps. That way you can explain the issue better.

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One would think these would be an easy junkyard fix? (As in, swap in one from a wrecker, then take the original and try the solder fix.)

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