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2008 2.4 Engine

By Snow Tire October 5, 2014

Does it burn oil? Yes. Is there a recall? No!

So I thought I'd tell everyone what I'm doing. It's a 2008 scion tc 2.4 liter.

76000 miles . It uses 1 Quart every 2000 miles. Amsoil 5w20 .

I put about 2 ounces of MMO into each spark plug hole and turned the engine a little. I let it soak over night.

I had to crank the engine several times to get most of the oil out of the cylinders. I didn't want to overheat the starter or kill the battery. I put about a pint into the crankcase and the rest into the gas tank. Lots of smoke in the morning. I'll update the oil burning when I find out if this helped at all.

This should not be normal. My 1zzfe was right at the full mark when I changed the oil on my 2005 corolla at 8000 mile oci. It has 222,223 miles on it.

Yup, excessive oil consumption was known on the 2.4L 2AZ-FE engines - used in a lot of vehicles, including my 2009 Matrix XRS. I too am seeing some oil consumption, looking like about a quart every 4000-5000 miles right now.

Have about 70K on the car. It was actually worse when I got it - closer to your range, a quart every 2000-2500 miles. Slowed it down by attacking it with some thinner oils and shortening the oil change interval - checking oil levels every morning before I leave for work to make sure the sump was full before I started - then monitored how much was consumed the following morning.

Some days - the car won't even touch a drop of oil - other days, be a 1/2 quart to a full quart low after one 80+ mile round trip commute.

I feel your anguish - pretty annoying and should be unexceptable in a modern car. Some of the 8th gen 1ZZ-FE also acted the same way as the 2.4L engine, didn't really get resolved until the next generation - then replaced with a new generation of 1.8L engine with Dual VVT-i which brings it own "features" that you have to look out for.

Unfortunately. this is not an anomaly in the industry - some cars actually have worse oil consumption its just their owners just aren't as vocal as this community. Most manufacturer's don't consider this to be excessive oil consumption until it worsens to the tune of a quart every 700-800 miles.

As for a recall - I wouldn't hold my breath. Not considered a safety issue - so we likely will not see any sort of relief.

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