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Reasonable Price For Rebuild On 2000 1.8L?

By sugarman, September 25, 2014

Since my 2000 Corolla is burning so much oil but, otherwise, is a pretty good car, I am thinking about just getting the motor rebuilt? What is a reasonable charge for this? 1800? 2500? Am I way off?

Depends on where you are at (labor costs)? Where you source the engine parts? Extent of oil consumption and if there are any other issues with the engine.

Could be a simple remove piston, replace with revised ones and new rings - no other machining work. Could be around $400-$500 at an independent garage, less if you do it yourself. Or it could go to a completely tear down, rebuild. Redeck the head, new cylinder liners, all bearings, etc. - could be a $2500+ job. That point, might be cheaper to swap in a newer engine from the 9th gen Corollas - as many have opted to go that route. Always a risk going with a donor engine - if all goes well - might be looking at a $800-$1200 bill, if it doesn't... might be wishing you sold the car outright.


That 'Oil Consumption Fix' video by Phoenix and Dad based on that forum thread from 'that other board' is very good.

I discovered it last winter when i was toying with the idea. It does show over 90 mins how to basically R&R the pistons , bearings, and head, If you're up to the work vs. just paying for a rebuilt engine ($1500-$3000) and R&R cost ( in my area, probably between $500-$1000). Some shade tree mechanics would rather spend a couple grand than spend weeks or months bent over the engine bay.


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