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I just wanted to find out what peoples favorite synthetic oil is. Pennzoil Platinum, Valvoline Synpower or something else.

Let me know.

Thanks Frank

Generally whatever is on sale - most synthetic oils are pretty close for the most part. I tend to stick with ones that run a little on the lighter side of their grade - like Valvoline or Mobil 1 in my 8th gen Corolla, both the Matrix and Rav4 are spec'd run the thinner oil. Some cars like normal to slightly thicker oils - my Camry prefers running Pennzoil Platinum or Quaker State (Camry's favorite). Walmart generally has the best prices on Mobil 1 and Valvoline for me - Quaker State and Pennzoil Platinum tend to run sales pretty often.

There is no "best" lubricant for every car out there - changing it regularly and at the right time make much more of an impact.

This is going to be my first shot ever with synthetic oil. It was a toss up between Valvoline Synpower and PENNZOIL platinum. I ended up with PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM. Now I just hope it is not too thick and I should of went with something thinner like Mobil or Valvoline.

What is a oil filter can cutter tool. Is that a grinder or something else. I an looking for something to cut oil filter cans open.


LIke I mentioned, it is more on your car than anything else. Some engines like a little thicker oil, some prefer ones that are on the thin side of the grade. Pennzoil Ultra Platinum should be pretty decent stuff. If I remember correctly, that is made from natural gas, supposed to make for a very pure base oil. How much actually gets into the product, i.e. total percentage of the hydrocracked syngas that gets into the finished product is anyone's guess - but from what people have seen in UOA's, an improvement over the older Pennzoil Platinum stuff.

Oil filter can cutter can be a number of things - the most common one looks like a flat vise with circular cutting wheels mounted on two opposing jaws. Lets you cut open the filter to see how much gunk was captured. Some toss it on a lathe and cut it that way. Can be cut with a hack saw, but you have to be careful, can wants to get away from you all the time, can contaminate the filter element with metal shavings which can mask if the engine is shedding metal or not.

What oil filter can cutter do you have I am just curious. The one I keep finding the most is the one in the link. I do not know if it is any good. I agree. I to am not a fan of using a hack saw.

If you know anything better let me know. Much appreciated. Thanks.

Since I have access to one, I just use my metal lathe - haven't used any of those cutters. The one you have linked to is a pretty popular type, fairly easy to use and makes a pretty clean cut.

I am going to put PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM FULL SYNTHETIC in my 05 corolla with a WIX oil filter. I was planning on doing UOA at around 5,000 miles.

Is it better to change oil at 5k no matter what UOA says or at 5k if UOA says I can go longer with oil should I leave it in and go longer.

Since I never did UOA before I do not know what is better way.


Pennzoil Ultra Platinum should handle 5k miles with ease. Unless your engine is having issues or reflecting any issues (in uoa that you run) I am confident you can extend to 7500-10k miles. Hwy driving = easy on oil, city=harder. Wix is fine but I would opt for a Fram Ultra filter if you were to extend intervals. The fram filters 99% at 20 microns (size of particles) vs the standard wix (50% at 20 microns). Just my .02 cents. With a great filter and top end oil, you shouldnt have any issue running it longer. (I get too restless and impatient and change it often!)

Pennzoil Ultra Platinum is in fact very hard to beat.

********** OUTSTANDING PROTECTION Over 90,000 psi ************

1. 5W30 Pennzoil Ultra, API SM = 115,612 psi

I have not been able to find this oil with the latest API SN certification. The bottle says, “No leading synthetic oil provides better wear protection”. For once, a product’s hype turns out to be true.

zinc = 806 ppm

phos = 812 ppm

moly = 66 ppm


The best oil on the list was PENNZOIL ULTRA is that the same PENNZOIL ULTRA PLATINUM. Also where does PENNZOIL PLATINUM fit did not see it.

Where do you find out the efficiency of oil filters. I

want to know each filter out there what the efficiency rating is. What I mean is ex. 99 percent at 25 microns.

The reason I want to know this for all the filters on the market is because I thought WIX was a really good filter I bought it for my car and now I hear it is not so good.


Dom, that is accurate however as you can see it relates to the old PU. PUP is new and not the same formulation as the old one. NOACK is much higher now.

Bull, the wix is still a quality made filter but its efficiency at 20 microns is inferior to the ultra or TG by Fram. The wix is 99% at 40 microns. (If i recall correctly) Although I am not sure someone can prove that particles smaller than 40 microns cause any harm. For a standard interval wix is fine but id likely run an ultra for extended intervals.

I would also not rely on that link either. Dont see how it has much relevance to how an oil will work in your car. All oils today are quite good and if you change it at a consistent interval, it is highly unlikely you will see any engine issues. Transmission or something else will go prior to that.

Fish lately oreilly auto parts has been emailing me $5 off coupons for $10 spent. I've been buying 2qts of Valvoline for less total cost than walkmart charges for 2qts. Dang cheap for good oil.

^^^ Nice! Got to take advantage of those oil sales and stock up when you can. I get similar ones from time to time, but nothing that big of a discount. Last big one was for Quaker State synthetic, limit 2 cases.

Here it is... I do like Bosch (and Purolator, made by Bosch) oil filters.

Wix are good too, as are Denso... They're all available in the larger size as listed for Toyota V6.,carcode,1429770,parttype,5340

I've always used a System 1 reusable 30 micron stainless steel mesh, high flow oil filter # 209-314 (larger 'V6' size).

I've used Amsoil which I get in bulk for less with the promo code from:

And also Pennzoil Platinum, Valvoline Synpower, etc, on sale at Walmart... Now running on Shell's Formula 1 High Mileage 5W-30. $19.76 tax included for 5 liters when on sale.

How is formula 1 high milage oil is it good. I am going to use Valvoline Max life full synthetic 5w-30 in my Camry. How is Valvoline Max life I thought It was supposed to be good.

Yeah, they're all good.. I ran some Valvoline High Mileage synthetic blend last winter, but I'll go with Castrol GTX High Mileage semi-synthetic next time, also often on special... Its viscosity is a bit higher than other 5W-30's, and it has an excellent pour point of -36C. It smells pretty wicked too.

How good does the reusable oil filter work in your opinion. I do not know anyone that used one.

I might try it but I have to find out more about it.

Formula Shell is the only oil I keep seeing. Unless that oil is the same as what you bought Formula 1 by Shell. If these are different I do not see the one you bought.


The reusable oil filter how much does it cost and where do I get it. Also where do I get the Formula 1 high milage oil that you got. I can't find it any where.

If you think it is better than throw away filters I will try it. Let me know.

Might be able to find a US equivalent to those parts - just do a search online.

K&N and Pure Power make reuseable oil filters for cars - usually run from $120-$300 for a filter assembly - PurePower one is about $239. Some are designed to be remote mounted - which is nice, depending on the application. Pretty popular with the motorcycle crowd - some are very ornate as well, since the oil filters are readily visible on the bike

Never ran those on a street car, but we run those on the cars we tracked (Spring cars). Not looking to filter down to the single digit micron particle size, just looking to screen out the big chunks that would cause engine damage. Also like that you can quickly open them up to see if there are any metal shavings in there - given that these race engine are run hard in demanding conditions - you'll see chunks in there before the engine lets go completely - engines get rebuilt after every 4th or 5th race anyways. Street car would be the opposite - chunks in there = too late, engine needs a rebuild.

Up to you to decide if it is worth the extra cost - $200 buys a LOT of spin-on filters.

MotoMaster Formula 1 oil - don't think you can get that in the US - look to the Shell Oil company US equivalents - Rotella, Quaker State, Pennzoil, etc.

System 1 oil filters are made and sold in USA. The link I showed has the lowest price I found, just temporarily out of stock... Just use disposable oil filters such as Bosch/Purolator. They're easier and cleaner to deal with. You can use the larger Bosch 3330 / Purolator 14610 (Fram 3614), as listed for Toyota Camry V6.,carcode,1429770,parttype,5340

Here's a reusable oil filter in the regular 3-1/4" tall size, with integrated 4000 gauss magnet:

$37.80, including shipping:

More photos:

Shell's Motomaster Formula 1 high mileage oil is only sold in Canadian Tire stores, which are of course only found in Canada (north of USA)... In USA and Canada, Castrol GTX High Mileage synthetic blend oil is an excellent choice as I will use next:

Why do you like the reusable oil fitters over the throw away.

I like it because of its advantages...It's already paid for itself, and still is. It's not as restrictive as a paper element filter, especially upon severe cold starts. I don't mind cleaning it, and seeing what it caught. It also provides some oil cooling with its finned aluminum body. It's very solid, compared to a tin can oil filter.

Hmm, thanks for the links dom.

dom, is that aliexpress the one you are currently running or do you have something else right now?

System 1 filters I've seen, sometimes they have them stocked at Jegs or Summit Racing. Aliexpress group - can be a mixed bag, quality wise. Pricing wise, pretty hard to beat. I've gotten 1/2 dozen CREE LED bulbs, supposed to be all the same, but color temperature and overall lumens output varies wildly. Can't really complain too much, got 6 bulbs for the price of 1 retail bulb.