Are Toyota Dealership Drums And Shoes Better ?

Here is your Toyota car information!

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than after market ??

or are they all made in China ??

Unlikely, Toyota OEM are made by someone else - Centric, Brembo, etc. Unfortunately, pretty much all the parts are made in China or a sister factory in SE Asia. Best thing you can do is check the part and see if the QC process kept the bad ones out of the mix.

In my experience the oem drums are better. I got some painted ones on Amazon that rusted within 3 weeks so I returned them and spent more money on the oem drums. Months later and still no rust on them so it's worth the extra money. Beforehand I sanded and repainted my original drums with high temp supposed anti rust paint which rusted in a month as well.

I guess they are better quality China brands than the private garages use ??

mine are still squeaking... after having the drums cleaned...I did not drive for one week and now the drums have not stopped pulsing after 4 weeks..

My independent mechanic put high grade aftermarket pads on my two 2003 Corollas (no longer own them).

This mechanic is good and polished the rotors. The cars both squeaked like city buses which went sway with OEM pads,

Mechanic said he had the same issue with a police interceptor Crown Vic.

Some pads just don't work right with OEM rotors.