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1998-2002 Corolla A131L Transaxle Repair Manual

By guaitiao, July 10, 2014

I have a 2000 VE Performa and a 2001 CE Corolla. I am looking for the Service Manual for the 1998-2002 Toyota Corolla 3FC A131L Tranny. What I am currently need in rush is the Torque Specification for the Transmission A131L Rear Cover. Planning to change the rear cover Gasket 35144-12030 on both. They both are leaking from the rear cover Gasket. Thanks.

These are the 11 Bolts...for Tranny Rear Cover 35102 COVER SUB-ASSY, TRANSAXLE REAR 35102-10011.


9ea. 90105-08050 PLANT NO.A32-1.25PX28-28

2ea. 90105-08056 PLANT NO.A32-1.25PX40-40

I Found that the A245E/246E has a spec of 7ft-lbs (10N.m/102Kgf-cm) for its 13 bolts. but not sure If I can use it.


2ea. 90105-06198 PLANT NO.M21, N11-1.00PX32-32 2 $0.83

11ea. 91511-80625 PLANT NO.M21, N11-1.0PX25-25

Bolts are different and the A245E uses ATV instead of gasket..So I think I can not use 7ft-lbs.

For tercel 1994 A132L it calls for 18ft-lbs on its 11 bolts...


9ea. 90105-08050 PLANT NO.A32-1.25PX28-28

2ea. 90105-08056 PLANT NO.A32-1.25PX40-40

So I think this A130L is very similar to the A131L and the Bolts type and pattern are simillar. The Gasket is different 35144-12010 or 20 and the Cover is the same 11bolts 35102 COVER SUB-ASSY, TRANSAXLE REAR 35102-10011.

I found the Torque Tables for Toyota generic Bolts. Inspect my bolt and they say "6" or "9" and are Normal recess Hexagon Head Bolts with a socket size of 12mm and "they should be 10mm in Dia" according other reads. The Table calls for 29 ft-Lb if it is 6T or "6" or 51ft-lbs if it is 9T or "9".

Other Tables I have see calls for 6T 10mm 1.25 as to be torque fo 29ft-lb and 9T 10mm 1,25 to 51ft-lbs. They do not take in cansideration the material where the Thread is cutted. In my case is Aluminum.

Others tables as AutoZOne says that the range of a 6T shoul not exceed 32ft-lbs or bolt could break or break pitch but this is for steel cut treathed. Not for Aluminum.

I start thinking that the number of 18ft-lb for the A130L may be appilcable for my A131L and not the 7ft-lbs from the A245E. But they still too low for the specs I found for same number 6T in Standard Tables, these tables apparently are for threads cutted on steel and not aluminun.

I will be forced to remove one and try to read torque to remove it starting at 7ft-lbs. Then I will be able to measure Dia and pitch and take a closer look to see it it ia a 9T or a 6T.

Really! Nobody here have to deal with this cover before,,,They always leak A131L for Toyota Corolla 1998-2002. Mine are leakin long time ago both the same place.

Went to a Local Toyota dealer Shop and the Toyota Tranny Master Mechanic toll he just hand tight it. Well I push him a little and he toll he think should be arround 12 to 17 ft-lbs....Another local well recognized Auto Tranny Shop also gave me the same problematic answer hand tight it first pass then 1/4 turn...

No one is using torque for this? Common Guys!

So I could use 18ft-lbs...Please confirm.

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