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2002 Prizm Blower Motor Resistor Replacement Guide

by doubletrouble, July 6, 2014

It turns out that when your blower motor will only go on high , it is a matter of 20 minutes to replace the blower resistor .If you have the flat style plug , there are several inexpensive replacements. I found one from ebay which is a standard products RU379. it is a part made for a pontiac vibe. It fits perfectly and works great. I found one for $17 shipped.

Here is a quick guide..

For safety, a 10MM will disconnect the negative battery cable. Better safe that sitting with a blown airbag in your face.

Removal of the blower motor itself is only 3 more screws and a harness.

1) remove the passenger plastic door sill by popping the 3 clips

2) remove the right kick panel with the hand tight knob fastener.

3) Remove the 2 10MM bolts that hold the lower glove box on

4) remove the 3 philips screws on the inside of the glove box that hold the box on.

5) slide the glove box over the latch catch.

6) Look up from under the dash and unplug the wire harness fom the resistor.

7) remove the 2- 5.5MM screws that hold the resister in..

8) Screw the resistor in and hook up the harness.

9)Put the negative cable on and test...

10) Success

Here are pictures of the old part. On the other side there are burned spots on the printed board

Corollas take a different rectangular plug , but the procedure is very similar.

Nice writeup and pictures! Thanks for sharing. I always wondered what the Prism one looked like.

Hey fish , I looked all over the net and could not find a prizm tutorial . That is why i wrote it up myself.

I was done , including getting tools out and putting them away , in 30 minutes. Finding the correct 5.5mm (7/32) socket took longer than the rest of the job.

Hopefully it will make it easier for someone else.

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