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2004 Corolla Chimes While Driving

by Burned, July 4, 2014

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My fiance's 2004 Corolla is making a chiming noise while driving. The seat belt is done up, no doors are open, and there are no warning lights on the dash.

It makes this sound occasionally and its real faint. Sounds very much like wind chimes. Anyone know what this is? I have pulled up on the e-brake to see if it makes the noise...but nothing.

Does it change if you change the vent fan speed? Is it random, or an actual rhythm?

Could be almost anything. Have you noticed if it is louder with the windows up or down - to see if the sound source outside or inside the cabin?

Does the noise change with road speed? if you touch the brakes? when turning?

Could be anything from a bad or clogged blower fan (check cabin air filter), to squeaking accessory pulleys / serpentine belt / faulty belt tensioner (well know issue on 9th gen Corollas), to dragging brakes, to bad wheel bearings, or faulty voltage regulation (excessive electrical noise can be heard through the speakers of the car), or something else.

  • 15 posts

I will check all those things you guys have mentioned. I do know the cabin filter has never been changed. I recently changed the serpentine belt and noted the tensioner was good.Battery voltage and alternator output is within specs, so there is no problem with the voltage regulator.

The sound is faint and last for a few seconds. It did it once while I was driving straight and not on the brakes.

I asked her about it the other day and she says it has not made the sound in a while. Its only done this 3 times in the last month.

Both my 05 and 07 Have a whining noise ...A loud high pitch whistling.

Only at 60 or 70 mph or faster. Seems to be from the outside rubber trim at the exact middle of the windshield. There is a small space/separation where the wind gets in . Lower by the hood and dashboard.

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