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Evolution Of Side Mirror

By Antona, June 27, 2014

Since automobile was made, approximately 1945, all cars mirror still remain the same as 2 big elephant ears appear from both side of the car and is very ugly looks.

I have invented and evolve the new model side mirror.


Ok... pics?

Hi, I cant attach drawing here, can I have your email ?

Use can use a photo file hosting site - many are free. I would not recommend any member to forward their email to anyone else on the site/off the site, unless you know them personally or know them very well.

Just a random comment.

Side view mirrors are not all mounted the same. I purchased a Mitsubishi Mirage while travelling in New Zealand in 1991 or so. I was told it was a "used car from Japan". Apparently there was a standard market in New Zealand for used cars originally sold New in Japan.

The side view mirrors were mounted way forward on the front fenders of the car. You really needed a friend to get them adjusted right since they were unreachable from the driver's seat.

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