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What Bolt For Hitch ? 2003 Corolla

by bhp02, June 14, 2014

I just bought a trailer hitch for my corolla from U haul,,

they put M12-1.25 x 30MM bolts with the kit, Atleast that's what it says on the package.

The bolt just goes in 1-2 mm and when it should engage the thread, it goes no further,

Like the bolt is too large. Does anyone know where I can get the size of the bolt that will

thread into the weld nuts on the frame for the hitch ??

The thread was cleaned with wire brush and WD 40

I checked on another trailer site, they have this size as the bolts:

Hex Bolt, M12 X 1.25 X 35 CL8.8



The bolt you have is 1/2 centimeter (5 mm) shorter than the one you found listed on the net. That's not a lot, but may make a difference.

thanks Ken, it does not thread into the weld nuts, I tried everything, I'm going to have to goto

Uhaul and pay them to install it. I don't want to buy a thread tap set just for this, I think that is what it needs.

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