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As I described on this site in 2011 the same noise that was fixed then with a new water pump at 59k kilometres has come back at 108k


My question is: will the dealer repair it for free this time under a recall or some other program maybe?

Geez, 2 pumps in 108k !! Obviously defective pumps I would think.

thanks, Mike

I don't think you're still covered for it... Was your water pump replaced with the revised one with all black metal pulley, as seen here?,carcode,1442416,parttype,2208

It is easy to replace, and available for less than from Toyota.

My original 2004 water pump is still fine at 170k miles, by the way.

I don't know if it was replaced with the revised one or not. Anyhow, it wasn't my problem after all. It's the alternator bearings doing the howling. They want $410 to replace the alternator at the dealer.

I have a 2004 CE too. Best car I have ever had.

Are you serious? I'd really like to hear it. The lousy original Bando serpentine belt is usually the cause of such suspected noises, and it inevitably ends up squealing and squeaking. Replacing with a GoodYear Gatorback belt is the usual fix.

Your 2009's serpentine belt tension must be properly set with the adjustable tensioner beside alternator. It may be noisy if too tight, which could lead to pump/alternator/tensioner pulley bearing failure... Start by checking if your belt seems too tight, and replace belt with a Goodyear Gatorback if you're still on original belt.

My original 2004 alternator is also fine at 170k miles. Corolla alternators are still as reliable in more recent models.

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