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Facebook -- Yes Or No

By autotech2612, May 23, 2014

Why don't you have a Facbook account?  

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  1. 1. Why don't you have a Facbook account?

    • Privacy reasons
    • It's kid stuff
    • No interest
    • Not into social media
    • Other

Thinking about deleting mine. My parents think it's full of privacy issues. What do you all think?

Because of my "work" - don't use any social media at all - even networking media like Linkedin or simiar. Even forums like these can be a treasure trove of personal information, but nothing compared to most social media sites.

As for privacy / security concerns - only as good as their security teams / how the EULA is written. There will always be some information that is always made public, you still have a fair amount of control over other content, but once it gets out in the wild, there is no recovering of that data.

That said - it is fairly secure - you just have to read the fine print on the EULA to find out what they can or cannoy use as "public information". Even if you delete your account, it will only hide it from the other members, your information is still in there, just waiting to be purged at some point in the future - exactly when, even they can't tell you.

With my job, I don't have any co-workers on my page, as I believe that's just asking for trouble. Too bad others don't see it that way.

I do value my privacy, and countless times, Facebook has changed its privacy settings without alerting users. I end up hearing through the grape vine. So, there were times when someone was viewing my page as "public" and could see photos and information I didn't want people to see. So, I had to go back to privacy settings and adjust again.

FB is a cheap way to keep connected with close friends and family, but that's the only value I see. I don't post anything to my FB "wall" that states what I'm doing or how I'm feeling (who cares anyway?). I don't get it when I see FB users posting they're at the Tiger's game and having such a great time (okay, so your home isn't occupied) or "Oh my God, can this week get any worse...". I just see it as someone fishing for attention.

Ok, back to Corollas...

Yeah, staggering how much information you can put on there out in the wild. Unfortunately, even the best attempts at keeping things private can eventually fail. Once that information leaves your hands, you don't have much control over it. Not just Facebook or other social media, but anything that could be potentially transmitted, electronically or physically. That said - I don't really see any issue with Facebook, other than resetting your settings without warning when they push out a patch or upgrade a feature - just not an application that I'm particularly interested in.

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