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Differential Lube On 2001?

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I have a friend who had to junk his 1997 because it was out of differential fluid. He thought the trans fluid took care of this. Should I be checking my 2001 for this?


Is it a 3-speed automatic? The differential's ATF should be replaced every 60,000 miles.

Differential (three-speed type only)

Fluid Capacity L (qt., Imp. qt.)

1.4 (1.5, 1.2)

Fluid type:

Automatic transmission fluid D-II or DEXRON®III (DEXRON®II)


I think it's the 4 speed auto. How do you know for sure and if so will it need differential change or is it running with the auto trans fluid. It's an LE so think it's a 4 speed.


It's a 4-speed auto if there's an overdrive button on the gear selector knob.


Very true, I had a 98 3 speed auto and even BG (the king of flush shops) didn't know!!!! I had to prove it to them after some serious prodding. I had just had my trans flushed at one of their shops, and they told me that the fluid was shared. Then I found evidence at a Toyota place. In the end I met with a corp tech guy at the same shop, and they discovered that my diff fluid was black and the trans fluid was red. A radio show host agreed with them, but changed his position. Now they charge 30 bucks for a "Diff service"!


there is some kind of button on the side of the shifter. I have never used it. is that an overdrive?


Yes. It also means you have a 4-speed auto without a seperate differential case... If you switch overdrive off, it will only shift up to 3rd gear.