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Tps On 2005 Corolla

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I'm experiencing all of the symptoms of a failing TPS on my 2005 Corolla S (car has 650,000 kms). Part isn't expensive and looks easy to get to so figured I'd replace it. However, the Haynes manual says "on 2005 and later models the throttle body is operated by an electric throttle control motor instead of a cable. On these models the TPS is part of throttle motor assembly and cannot be replaced separately. If there are problems with the throttle control motor or the TPS the complete throttle body must be replaced." I know I've encountered outright mistakes in Haynes manuals before. Can someone confirm that I can or can't replace just the sensor?


After further reading, I guess the Haynes manual is correct and my TPS is integrated into the TB. Fortunately it sounds like it's also a "non-contact" TPS and therefore less susceptible to wear, so perhaps not my problem. Will clean the TB and go from there.


What are the symptoms? Have you already replaced your leaking intake manifold gasket for revised orange silicone gasket # 17171-22060 ?

650,000 kms ?! default_ohmy How did you deal with the odometer that stops at 299,999 kms?

Does it have a manual transmission?


Thanks for the reply.

Auto transmission. Symptoms are hesitation on acceleration, surging/low idle, stalling couple times at idle and on a recent occasion I seemed to have a problem shifting from 2nd to 3rd which I understand a bad TPS can do. Always keep up with tranny maintenance and fluid level/color/smell was good. Ran some Techron to clean fuel and injectors. No codes or MIL showed up in regards to any of these problems, so I'm left guessing. I'm going to replace my MAF and air filter and then clean the throttle body and go from there. TB has never been cleaned so I'm curious what it will look like after all these km's.

Had my intake gasket replaced at 421,000 km's after getting an MIL and my ECM replaced at 437,000 km's after a crazy shifting/acceleration suddenly appeared. Receipt says my new gasket part# was 17171-0D020.

At 299,999 the dealer replaced the odo under warranty. At 599,999 Toyota charged me half price for the part and the dealer replaced it no charge.


Wow... Have you always used synthetic engine oil? How much oil does it consume between oil changes?

Intake manifold gasket # 17171-0D020 is the same original black nitrile rubber gasket. It is certainly leaking again. Replace with revised orange silicone gasket # 17171-22060. It is under $10, and is easy to replace. No need to disconnect coolant lines on TB, as you set it aside and clean it... No need to replace the MAF/IAT sensor which can be cleaned.


Thanks for the links. I'll keep an eye out for codes that would suggest a leak. Got a code when it was leaking the first time.


With 229,000 kms on your gasket, it's definitely already leaking and affecting idle quality and response, even if no code has been triggered yet... Look along the edge of gasket where it sits on engine head for obvious dark and grimey oilyish leaking residue. It's easier to inspect with black plastic engine cover removed.

Have you always used synthetic engine oil? How much oil does it consume between oil changes?