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Stolen: 2001 Toyota Corolla (Silver), License: Ca 7Cnd229

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FOUND: 02/28/14

STOLEN: 02/16/14

My greatest fears were relieved today, my Corolla was found in Redwood City, about 10 miles north of where it was stolen in Sunnyvale. It was found by a parking control officer who had written a ticket on it last week, and saw it again unmoved with the prior ticket. It was completely intact, no broken glass or door/key locks. I think they used a slim jim to open the front passenger window, because it is hard to open now. Then, they probably used a shaved key to start it. I am very lucky it is not in a chop-shop or across the border. Very relieved as 1st owner of this car, and has been very well maintained. I did a touchdown dance when I heard it was found!


My Corolla was stolen from a Motel 6 parking lot in Sunnyvale, CA (Mathilda x 101), on Sunday, February 16, 2014. There was no glass on the ground, so I'm assuming a shaved key or shimmy was used. I had a Toyota OEM alarm, but did not hear it during the night, but may have been deep asleep. It was parked under a light right under the Motel6 sign. Still not recovered, and reaching out here on this forum just in case anyone sees it.

Thanks, Tim


good it was found in good shape. keep motoring on


Glad to hear it is in the right hands again! But now you have to take some pics so we can see it! default_biggrin

Also, if you are concerned about personal info, you might want to edit it all out (e.g. the thread title).