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By Codswollop, January 23, 2014

I live in N.Ireland and have a 2005 Toyota Corolla, I recently replaced the factory fitted cd player with an upmarket one, unfortunately the factory fitted one had the time displayed, while the new one does not, I noticed when fitting the new one that there is a space below which seems to be for a digital clock, I have not asked in any Toyota dealers for fear of looking stupid, but when I do a search on the net anybody that sells these seem to be in USA, my question is, firstly would this clock be compatible with my vehicle, and secondly what should I expect to pay for a second hand one delivered from USA,and finally, and I hope everyone agrees, the car in front really is a Toyota, thanks again for any advice

Depends on where your model has the headunit mounted - I have seen some of your market Corollas have the headunit mounted in the dash between the two center vents, and some that is mounted in a standalone bin that sits on top of the dash. If yours is mounted between the two center vents - might have a chance with a US versioned headunit/clock. Though I doubt the wiring would be common between the two markets - though if you are comfortable with electronics, you could "make" a US versioned one work.

Have one imported in, that would be the tricky part - as not many retailers can support those transactions. I'm assuming you have VAT there - that alone will confuse most shops here. Cost could be astronomical - might be worth a shot asking your dealership for the part. Or you could go with an aftermarket part and wire it in yourself.

My head unit is fitted between the vents, and looking at the US version just below were the digital clock sits looks pretty much identical to mine, its just that in mine its just a dummy piece of plastic, when I was fitting the new head unit I noticed spare wiring that looked very similar to the ones that plug into the digital clock, I can`t understand why there was`nt one fitted as standard, I agree it could be costly trying to get one sent over from the US, and as you say the wiring may differ, this was really my first port of call, so I may need to try a different approach. Thank you for your reply, if I have any luck I will let you know.

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