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Corolla Meets Below Zero Temperatures

By autotech2612, January 3, 2014

01/03/14 @ 3:00 a.m.

Grand Rapids, Michigan.

2002 Corolla


I'm in Indy... it will be 15 BELOW this Tuesday.

Yeah, it's ridiculous and some have predicted this winter to be one of the coldest in 100 years.

Yep, just this past Jan 29th, my '09 Corolla's temp gauge displayed -11° F. Location: Wood County area of West Virginia (northern part of state, south of the upper panhandle).

You should probably go get some gas, I'd hate to be stuck in -2 degree weather with no gas! default_tongue

Also, what are you doing at 3:00AM? default_ohmy

Probably out looking for bigfoot. haha

Someone on another forum was saying it was -50 for them yesterday. I can't even begin to imagine that kind of cold and hopefully I'll never have to experience it.

My 2004 Corolla's temperature readout is sometimes bottomed out at -30 C (-22 F) over the winter... It won't display any colder.

3:00 a.m. = back home from the bar (it felt warmer than -2)

3:00 a.m. = back home from the bar (it felt warmer than -2)

What was your blood's alcohol level at?

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