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By DogFather, December 16, 2013 in Toyota Corolla (2009 until 2018-19 “TNGA”)

So, I was thinking I could buy a leftover 2013. However, they will not reduce the price. The 1832 model was in ads at $15K, starting

in Jan 2013. Yet, they want more than $15K for a used one. This makes no sense to me. If a Corolla has 15K miles on it and is a yr old,

it should sell for less than a new one did. So, I am looking at Versa or Sentra, because of the high priced used for Corolla.

To me a new quality car, like Corolla. Lasts 12-13 yrs or 150K miles. With the last 50K miles, likely needing repairs, sometimes very

expensive repairs. I divide $15K car by 150K miles. Giving a cost per mile of $.10. So, a used Corolla w/15K miles should sell for

at least $1500 less than new.

During my lifetime, I have owned 2 used and the last 2 I bought new. In 1993 for instance I paid $7K for a 8100 pickup. In 2002, I paid $11K for a Tacoma. That same truck would now be close to $20K, by the time I got it out the door. The value to the consumer, just in not what in the past. Any suggestions on how to stay with Toyota?

The '13s are okay, except compared to my '09, they're decontented a bit. However, a '13 will have the much-loved coin box. While many want flashy stuff, 9 gears, independent rear suspensions, etc., many of us want reliable transportation and places to store our stuff inside.

Yep, they've deleted the coin box in the '14s, and the upper glove box of the '13 model. It's the way of the world, really: First we have stuff, then it's taken away. As for looks, I think the '13s look better. They were styled in Turin, Italy, by the way (yeah, they just took a 9th-gen and sexed it up, but still...). But by the time you option out an S model, you could be in a Camry SE for just a little more money, so, just take your time.

Go ahead and shop the lots at Hyundai, KIA, Ford, and whomever else, and, armed with information (such as actually sitting in and/or driving cars from other makers), shop around at a few Toyota dealerships. And I'll also suggest getting your own information rather than expecting a salesperson to inform you with all you need to know.

I like both the 13 and 14. I have a 13 that was bought used with only 5700kms a week before the 2014's showed up at the show room. I would still have bought the 13 as the model I got (here in Canada) is an s with sunroof package (that includes keyless entry with push button start, auto air) to buy it new would have been about 22 grand-ish and It was for sale for 18 and a bit. to get the kit I got in the 13 in a 14 would be mid 20's easy. with the power train in both car the same (with the exception of the six manual gear) I feel the 13 was the best deal at the time. be patient and search for a 13 and they will be some deals had as no dealer will want to have new 13's on the lot in the new year.

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