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2000 - 2002 Corolla Winter Floor Mats

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Snow has been constant the last three days in Michigan. I'd like to do something with the driver's OEM floor mat to protect it from too much snow and ice on it, and I don't want water seeping through the mat and getting on the floor board. Is there a concoction some of you have used? What I like about the Corolla is that it has a clip for the mat to prevent it from sliding around, so I'd like to "build" on that.

I just ended up getting WeatherTech Digital Floor liners. I had the OEM mats and fancier aftermarket rubber mats - eventually, they dripped or leaked, made a mess of the carpet. Unfortunately, they are pretty pricey - but fit literally like a glove and have sides deep enough to trap a significant amount of water, slush, winter-time nastiness, etc. Couldn't be any happier - well made (made in the USA) and flexible even in the coldest nights.

I've seen some people use those self-adhesive floor liners - like the ones they use for construction - sticky side on carpet, so that they protect it from any spills, dust, etc. Only thing is, you have to make sure the mat doesn't get soaked through - the liner will prevent it from leaking down to the carpet - but the floor mat itself will just sit in some nasty juice until it dries out.


I see what you're stating here, especially with the WeatherTech. I searched on ebay and they are pricey. However, I just need a driver's side mat, and I can't just find a single mat on ebay. So, I'm trying to think of something as a substitute. I rarely have passengers in the car -- they are not Toyota material.

I also have seen people using those self-adhesive floor liners, but I want to avoid those.

Just as long as my carpet doesn't get wet, I'll be fine -- and as long as I don't start smelling those unpleasant water-rot odors.