Do You Think It's Totalled? (Pictures)

Here is your Toyota car information!

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I will treat this as a serious question. it might be fixable depending if there is any frame damage, however the insurance company will write it off.

Have to say, I've never seen that sort of destruction. An entire fender ripped away! Wow! I know you love your car, but it may be time to look for a new one. Looks like an insurance right-off to me:(

Hard to say from that one picture - as mentioned above, if the subframe is tweaked, that's a write-off. Also depends on the insurance company's policy on this as well. Being an earlier 9th gen - that amount of damage, even without subframe damage, might approach that cutoff percentage of damage to actual cash value.

I will treat this as a serious question. it might be fixable depending if there is any frame damage, however the insurance company will write it off.

It's a serious question. I'm in a limbo between insurance co and a shop. Shop is saying rapairable (of course! smell of $$$$), but very close to the 75% value cutoff that makes it a total loss. I haven't heard from insurance yet. I'm tired of waiting already (5 days).

What happened?

My daughter was driving. She is fine and standing next to the car in the picture. Despite how it looks, it wasn't her fault. A guy in Tacoma truck pulled in front of her and she braked hard, but didn't stop in time. She hit his side while he was moving trying to pull out. This is why the sliding forces pulled the bumper and fender.

Sadly, there is relatively little damage to his truck while this poor corolla will probably go to a junkyard or junk auction.

I started looking for replacements, but can't find a similar car with ABS, CC, and side airbags. I'll consider Matrix and Yaris, too.

The apraiser guy at the USAA insurance is not returning my calls anymore. 8 days after the collision and still waiting. This sucks!

Ouch - sucks waiting like that. Possible you can get another agent assigned to your case? Our 2003 Matrix XRS has a lot less visible damage then your 9th gen - but the bumper was pushed in at an angle just like yours (also a sliding hit, ours from behind by an Acura TSX). It actually wrinkled the floorboard - "could" be repaired, but the car may never drive the same. Ended up being a total loss in the end.

Ours took about two weeks to finalize the damage and OK the check (Progressive Insurance). Ended up replacing it with a 2009 Matrix XRS - only a couple thousand cheaper than a replacement 1st gen Matrix XRS. We liked the additional curtain airbags in the front/rear, traction control on the 2nd gen Matrix - but were disappointed in the loss of some of the utility (not as big, cargo room-wise, lost the separate lift glass from the tailgate and braking performance was worse, even with a larger contact patch on the 2nd gen Matrix.

It was totalled alright. It took over a month to get a check. I moved over to the forum if you know what I mean.

Over and out.

Over and out.

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You can't leave us hanging though. What's the new car look like? Sucks it took so long for the check to come in.