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When To Replace The Water Pump In 1999 Corolla Ve?

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Hey guys,

My car to getting to 181K miles. When do we replace the water pump in this car? What are some of the signs when the pump is failing?


You'll see coolant leak from the "weep" holes on the water pump. No set replacement period on the water pump - not like before with the 4AFE/7AFE - with the timing belt, they recommend replacing the water pump, since in the event of a failure, the amount of labor involved to tear it down to the pump would be excessive.

On the 8th gen - its much easier to get to - if it fails, just pull and replace.



On the 8th gen - its much easier to get to - if it fails, just pull and replace....

fish, can the pump leak slowly, like 1 liter per year or does it usually drip larger amounts so that it is noticable ??


what do you mean its easy ?? is it like a starter motor, easy to unbolt and replace ??


Pretty much undo serpentine belt, remove bolts, remove gasket, remove pump, replace gasket, new pump, retighten bolts, new serpentine belt

As for leaking slowly - that is a possibility. But you should be able to visually see the telltale crusty red/pink deposits left on the waterpump's weep hole if it is bad. The car should not "consume" any coolant normally - so any drop in coolant level can be attributed to leaking. You could loose some to evaporation - but that amounts to very small amounts of coolant - 10's ml or even upwards to a 100ml-200ml tops.