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By jason9945, January 10, 2012

Hi Everyone,

I've had this account for ages and have used it for advice on my Mothers 1999 Corolla CE (1zzfe 1.8L & 4 speed auto). I like the car, mechanically its been very reliable so far. I don't think it has had anything done on it other than replacing some gas lines and brake lines that rusted out (since my mother won't spend the money to have it rust proofed). I don't even think it has had a brake job in the years we have owned it (we have taken it in to the garage, but they only cleaned & adjusted the brakes). My only complaints with the car are ergonomics. I'm a big guy and there is so little space in the interior. I've had a 2009 Corolla as a long term rental and the interior is a bit better in that car.

So, I'm looking for a new car for myself. I'm not wanting to spend too much, and I've noticed the following cars in my price range.

1999-2001 Corollas; Decent milage 130,000km, most have AC, Cruise, PW, PL and can be had for under $3000

The rest of these seem to be hovering around a minimum of $4000:

2000-2004 Echo Sedan, around the same range for milage, most have a/c, but no power accessories, and Cruise seems to be rare.

2004-2005 Echo Hatch, Very high 200,000km+, Top end of my price range, most don't have power anything and no cruise

2004 Matrix - VERY high milage 220,000km+, but has power everything, and cruise. Also considering the Pontiac Vibe

So thats what I'm looking at now. My only real requirement is Cruise Control and a 4 speed auto. I like the 1.8L engine. I'd prefer a hatch back for utility, I move stuff around quite a bit and the trunk of a corolla is basically worthless. I've heard good things about the interior layout of the Echo, so I'm keeping that in the running.

So, my preference would be a hatchback with cruise control, and if I can't find a hatch then I'd buy a older Corolla. So I'm looking for any buying advice.

Space requirements wise, depends on your height as well. I know that in that regard, the 8th gens were more comfortable than the 9th gen Corollas. The 7th and 8th gen Corollas are almost identical in size/dimensions. Matrix - both the 1st gen (2003-2008) and 2nd gen (2009-current) - have basically identical powertrains to the Corollas, but with more flexible cargo and headroom/girth - compared to the equivalent 9th and 10th gen Corollas. Might want to check out the Pontiac Vibe, as it is mechanically identical to the Matrix, but tends to command less of a price range.

Cost will be the biggest thing you will be fighting. With rising gas prices, these smaller, more fuel efficient cars will be carrying a hefty premium. Mileage is generally not too much of a concern - with good maintenance, the old 100K+ mileage stigma is a non-issue. 200K+ mileage range - you'll have to spend more time looking at the body and suspension, than the engine. Again, as long as they kept up with maintenance, that is not an issue.

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