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Loud Exhaust

Guest TRAVIS92

i have a 1990 corola dx is it normal for it to be loud?

Depends on the condition of the exhaust system now.

If there are any cracks or leaks in the exhaust, if the resonator is damaged, or you have a hole in the muffler - then it is possible that you could have a very loud car.

Cracked manifolds were common in Geo Prizms and their Corolla twins. I once read a blog about an old, I think '92 5-speed Corolla and that car had a flange broken off the muffler. In my experience with Corollas and their twins, loudness means problems. Like my family's '93 Geo Prizm was loud when the muffler came unbolted. Our little Patti (see my intro post) was quiet, normally, but she roared when the muffler came unbolted.

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I had an '89 Mercury Tracer that was prone to rust on the muffler. Salt from winter roads did not help. Ended up giving the car to my mother who needed to replace her old Toyota Tercel.

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