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Steering Wheel Change

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I have a 2001 corolla CE manual 5 speed. I saw an opportunity to get a steering wheel with more options on the steering wheel stalk such as more windshield wiper settings (mine only has mist(momentary), low, and hi) as well as cruise control (mine does not have cruise). If I were to get this steering wheel, will I be able to use all of the additional functions? Is it just plug and play?


Yes, owners were able to add a variable intermittent wiper function, cruise control stalk as a plug and play on their cars. The wiper upgrade is easy - you don't have to replace the whole wheel - just the wiper control stalk portion. As for cruise control - it is more than just the steering wheel control stalk, you'll also have to get a cruise control electronics module under the hood and associated cabling.



Its a popular upgrade on Tacomas.

I think you should be able to find a used cruise control module someplace...

good luck