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2001 Corolla CE Spark Plug Replacement

Guest EyePAQ

OK, I ventured under my hood to attempt more than just check the fluids, and help jump a friends car... I wanted to replace my plugs, and possibly wires. I have noticed a little lag in performance lately, and believe it or not, I have 80K miles on my Corolla already! So I thought it was time to maybe replace these things.

I pulled off the plastic cover on top of the engine, and see these large squarish plug like things right on top, held down with a single bolt. I take the bolt off of one of these, and the it loosened up whatever it was holding down, but it wouldn't come out. I assumed this square thing was covering the top of a spark plug, but I could not get the thing off. I bolted it back down, and put the plastic cover back on. Verified I hadn't screwed up anything, and went to the internet to find an engine diagram for my year Corolla. Could't find one, so now I'm asking all of you great people.

What was the thing I was trying to remove. Was it plug related?

I just need some help.


Guest Blanco03Rolla

First of all, 2003-4 Corollas come with Iridium tipped plugs. You shouldn't have a reason to replace your plugs for at least 100,000 miles. Second, that "thing" that you were trying to remove was the coil pack (works like a distributor) and if you break that you'll be looking a a very expensive repair.

My advice to you? Before you break something, go buy a repair manual for your car. That way the next time you're venturing under your hood, you'll have a better idea of what each part is.

If you don't at least remove and replace the plugs at around 50-70K miles, you may find that at 100K miles the plugs may have siezed.

Still-- get that repair manual-- they are handy to have and can save you money.

Guest EyePAQ

I will get the Repair Manual. I saw it at my local Discount Auto. It wasn't the Chilton's manual, but another publisher.

Thanks for the help.

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