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1990 Corolla 4A-Fe Engine Swap

By Guest KRB64, May 9, 2010 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest KRB64

I've owned Corollas since 1989 (still have them both too) - I can't believe I just now found this forum!

I also have 1990 wagon, which is why I'm posting. I lost a cylinder, rebuilt the head and replaced the gasket but #3 is still dead. Piston head looks fine so I guess I broke a ring. I'd rather swap out the motor than pull and rebuild at this point.

My question is this: The engine is a JDI 4A-FE. Am I limited to a 1988-1992 4A-FE or will others be a direct bolt in? I've found a 1993 with low miles but the body changed that year and I assume the engine, wiring, etc did too?

My other option is that I found a 1989 wagon with low miles and a 4A-F, decent shape. I'd consider selling the 1990 for the '89 because I hate the automatic seat belts more than I like fuel injection!

Thanks for any insight,

yes, the electronics are a little different, if you can get the ecm and wiring harness with the engine then you're good to go.

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