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Snip Snip Snip

By Bitter, February 20, 2010

caliper leak, damnit.

ok, all better now.

piston rusted away inside, sprung a leak. brakes had felt a little off when cold the past couple days and then felt funny the rest of the day that morning. that night going home from work i knew i was having a brake problem, pedal sinking like my heart. running through my mind...its a master or a leak. popped the hood when i got home, fluid was low. started looking under the car, lines look good. check wheels, yep. one is soaked!

Good thing you got yourself and the car home safely! That is totally nuts - piston rusting away enough to do that - I guess salt corrosion + time will do that.

Going to check out the others - maybe rebuild/replace those as well? Got me wondering if I should take a peek at my own - as the brakes been a little "off" leately - but can't tell if that pads are cooked or there is something else going on. Had a set of Porterfields stilling on my bench, but sold them to someone at the shop that needed a set ASAP - wifey doesn't like the high initial bite of those pads, so I put in OEM ones - now starting to regret that .

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