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Where To Buy Oil Filters Online

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Guest Corolla

Hello, I just joined and I would like to introduce myself and tell you that this is a great site! I have a 1985 Toyota Corolla LE 4-Door with a 2bbl carb. The car has 202,000 miles and runs like it is new. My mom actually purchased this car new in December of 1984. It is an extra car now but still gets 40 plus mpg on the highway.

Anyway, I hate paying 7.00 for a filter from the dealer. Anybody but these online and if so who has the best deal on them. I have tried doing some searches but no luck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

you can't buy a filter at a local store?

You pay $7 from the dealer? A Toyota filter for my 07 is $4.41 dealer price. Even for my '87 it was under $5. Pa., USA location.