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Diy: Low Comp Pistons

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DIY: Low comp pistons.... - 6G Celicas Forums default_laugh

This is what happens when youre too cheap to buy low compression pistons for turbo applications or if you think you can design a better piston than CP,Diamond, JE, Arias, etc.

This is a motor a friend of mine bought from some idiot as I found out today when I went to inspect the motor. The motor is a 2.2 toyota motor and it had a 3SGTE head bolted on so there was no way for my friend to see the internals.

I couldnt stop laughing when I saw this

default_ohmy WFT!

I don't understand what would possess something to think that was a good idea. I guess you can't put too much past some people these days. Doesn't look like the motor hasn't run at all. Be funny to see what will happen there.

Watch it live like that for years... lol