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Value Of A Beat Up 1995 Corolla

By Guest gutslurp13, June 1, 2009 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest gutslurp13

First--Since Im not actually selling the car here, just asking an opinion, I felt the sales forum would be the wrong place. My apologies if you all disagree.

So I have a 1995 dx sedan, 128k miles, and it developed a very weak rod knock (Im told its specifically some joint, not the rod, but that its definitely damage of a similarly catastrophic variety so thats what Im calling it) which was dampened with heavier oil. Over the course of the last year the sound has come back--and Ive just kept the oil topped up and clean (the thing burns oil like crazy, as no doubt some of you are aware--I wasnt, which is why Im in this mess in the first place). Now its very audible at any non-idle engine speed, so I assume the engine is close to self-destruction. Additionally, In january a lady in a volvo ran a stop sign, causing me to hit her--very low speed, only minor damage to the front end, some hood bending, damaged headlights, etc--but I know any accident can cause unknown damage, and it hasnt been driven much since then (maybe 10-15 min per week) so who knows if it was really just a minor thing.

My question, which Ive been a bit slow at getting to, is how much do you think the car is worth. A guy in the neighborhood wants to buy it for $500 (maybe pushable to $600) that fair? Should I go for it? Say no, and post it on craigslist or somesuch? If anyone is in south florida and wants to buy it off me for more, thats cool too, but really Im just looking for advice default_wink

Anything you can tell me is very much appreciated,


Depends on how quickly you want the car off your hands. I've seen similar Corollas in a rebuildable shape go from $500-$1000, depending on option level. Given the cosmetic damage and almost guaranteed engine rebuild - If you can get between $500-$750 - I'd say you are doing pretty well. Be tough to get any more, as there are mint condition Corollas with similar mileage selling for around $1000-$1500.


That's a 7th generation Corolla (the kind I usually buy).

In your case I would consider the body damage and also figure in the cost of an engine replacement.

I have seen cars like it on e-Bay sell for more than $500.

You could drive the car until the engine does finally give out, or replace it now and keep the car longer.

I know mint condition Corollas would sell for more - just check out

Guest gutslurp13

Yeah I figured I might not get too much more for it with the economy as it is, but I wanted to check. The guy who was supposed to pay that didnt show up, anyway, but ill keep that info in mind when I try elsewhere. Thanks guys.

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