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Has The Corolland Server Been Down?

By tashirosgt, May 29, 2009

Has the Corolland server been up and down for the past several days? Or is it just my ISP that can't find the server periodically?

It has been OK with me for that time period. I get errors every once and a while if I'm at work, but has been pretty steady on my home ISP.

Ive also had trouble getting on in the past few days at times. Its their server because other sites worked for me at the time so it wasnt my isp.


I haven't checked it lately.

Trying to cut down on posts, so fishexpo can catch up.

PM me if you have any specific questions for me.

Half the time these days I can't load the forum pages. Browser gives me an error page claiming it couldn't find the server. Sometimes this happens right in the middle of browsing the forum. After repeated retries I simply give up for the time being. I get the impression the browser isn't trying to connect because it instantly loads an error page instead of waiting... . Makes me wonder if I should clear Windows' DNS cache to resolve the issue. Thing is, it's always a temporary outage so I don't pursue any serious troubleshooting. I kind of thought it was just me.

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Strange behavior. FWIW, the server has not been down in months. I'm sorry about the problems. I did just update some DNS entries to see if that'll help. Using OpenDNS might help if it's a local issue; I switched from Verizon to OpenDNS and that helped with other sites.

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Update: I think I found and fixed the problems. Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!

No troubles here recently after my previous post. All working well.

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