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By Bitter, March 1, 2009

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Ouch - looks like whoever shipped it hit just right to pop up the front plate like that. Good to hear that Roswill is working on that for you - otherwise, you have Newegg's stellar RMA system to work with. I sometimes get boards that are DOA or memory sticks that are not stable at spec'd speeds - they exchanged them, no problem, no questions asked.

yep, i'm expecting to hear back from rosewill soon, if not i'll contact them again. newegg reviews of their customer service were 100% positive and i like their cases alot! cheap cases with great features. i just don't want to send the whole big thing back and be out the shipping on it, shoot the case was $40 with free'll be $20 to ship it back!

no sooner had i typed the above reply than did i get an email from rosewill that my front panel was on the way to me with a ups tracking number!

i think they're watching me! default_ohmy

got the front panel today, should get board and drive monday. woot! i did not buy the heatsink right now, i'll fiddle with that later on if i feel like it.

oh sad times, pulling parts from my old rig for the newer box.

the old rig was a water cooled prescott 3.4 at 3.9-4.0ish running 1:1 with the ram/fsb at like 930something iirc. 800 fsb by ddr400 by 200x4 fsb...whatever it was it was a nice overclock default_smile

i'm stealing its 3.5" card reader for the new box which like my current machine is floppy-less. i have fdd's and cables and such, but i just don't install them into my own machines anymore since i don't need them often. its all on memory sticks now, even flashing things i can do from a bootable usb.

swapped IDE dvd burner from dell case to new case, board here monday.

I have way too many pictures and files to lose.It is easier to just live with the computer the way it is.


It still works, but not like it should.

Can you copy your music, photo's, and doc folder to CD/DVD? That would be a start and give you some piece of mind. Your applications would still be in peril though. Then try CC cleaner after installing and running a free version of CA(or some other).

i HATE those intel pushclips! took me 15 minutes to install a stock heatsink! argh

and now i need to burn a new XP cd with all the system drivers included default_smile hooray for NOT having to load drivers and all my stuff just working after windows install.

Lot better than what they used to be, though. I remember times where I had to too so much pressure on the old clips - that if the flathead screwdriver slipped off the metal tab - guaranteed that I'd run the screw driver right through the board and possibly on through the case.

Yeah, slipstreaming them in is the way to go. No more messing around trying to find every driver you need. Especially with tools like nLite around.

oh what a pain that was! sp3 didn't slipstream well into the 'liter' xp version i was using as my base, then the ich10 achi drivers to get the install to see the drive were elusive and NOT ON the driver CD! i had to get them from rapidshare to integrate into the install cd. i made like 4 or 5 worthless install discs trying to get one that had the right drivers. argh, but its on and it works and its fast.

these 45nm processors run soooo cool! 40C at full load. I really need to reseat the cooler on my E8400 though, its not running anywhere near as cool as it should be with the cooler it has. i got a X shaped thingy to to secure it, the clips are horrible.

What are you running for the thermal paste - the OEM thermal pad or other heat sink paste? I use Artic Silver 5 - but that stuff takes so long to thermally cycle. Been trying their other stuff, ceramic based paste - seems to work nearly as well. They say needs to set up as long, or even longer than AS5 - but seems to work right away for me. Still, I stick with AS5 on GPUs and what not - as they run super hot.

I'm contemplating pulling the old memory heatspreaders off my old small DDR sticks (256MB) and putting them on the new sticks which came plain. Or I might just new sticks - Mushkins or Corsairs to put into the system, as RAM is so cheap now. Still - I like to repurpose the old stuff as much as possible - I got enough of them just lying around.

just slapped on the stocker from intel with its TIM pad preapplied to the bottom. my AS5 is around here somewhere, i'll need to find it for my E8400 when i reinstall its heatsink tomorrow.

AHHA! using realtemp i'm getting a much more accurate CPU temp on the E5200 and confirming that my E8400 does infact have stuck temp diodes, stuck at 41F.

i've got both cores 100% loaded and i'm seeing core temps of 47 and 43C with my heatsink fan UNPLUGGED. abit uguru is reporting 55C. gosh, i just can't get this thing HOT! i didn't know my heatsink could be fanless, can't call it passive though as there is airflow around the case and past it. geeze.

9400GT 1GB passively cooled is in, 3329 score in 3Dmark06. not stunning, but WAY better than the onboard video was. $35 with free shipping, couldnt really pass it up. now to get an idea of what temps its running when loaded and mess around with clocking it up a little maybe. i can add a fan to the side of the case to move a little air past it if i so desire.

With the card at 675/475 I get 3956 with no artifacting, I have a 120mm case fan blowing in through the side of the case panel onto the board and northbridge and the card as well, temps are 40c ish at idle and under 60c at full load in a 73F room.

fish, if you can find it for the $35-$40 range with free shipping then grab one for your off the shelf box, it'll REALLY liven up its performance should you want to do anything pretty much. but for what its priced on newegg right now, theres better choices. i got it for $35 with free shipping on a daily sale dealy.

i edited the first post with a summation of the build.

Wooh! Good link to the card. I didn't know they made 9400GT with that much memory on them - for $35 that is too good to pass up. good point about the daily deals that Newegg has been running - I jumped on a few things before (P/S, cases, memory) - extra couple of bucks off, free shipping, and newegg stellar rep - can't go wrong.

I picked up the PNY 9800GT 1G NIB for $100 (local shop).

Newegg had them for $149,

Couldn't pass that up. Not too bad of a board, not a super killer GPU - but for the price and what I intend to use it for (games, some programming, driving a larger LCD) - was a the perfect deal. Runs about 40C-45C at idle, but gets as high as 80C-85C when loaded - can't really complain, as it is a power hungry GPU with the reference single slot cooler. But it does run a little hotter that I would like. Tried exterior coolers - already have a pretty decently sized case fan, the PSU fan is also blowing down onto the card - but it still runs hot.

Also dumped the Antec Earthwatts 430W PSU for a BFG Tech GS 650W. Bought it locally - probably could have gotten it cheaper at Newegg or elsewhere - but he also threw in a BFG Tech GS 430W with the purchase - a "twofer". So was a decent deal. 650W replaced the Antec in my HP box. The 430W will go in the wifey's upstairs machine and the Antec will replace some POS 200W PSU in my son's computer. As these new kid's games are starting to get up there is system requirements. Surprisingly, some of his LEGO and RPG games are starting to put a strain on the Radeon X1650 Pro. We'll see if adding a beefier PSU and some extra memory will help out - if not, I might have to "upgrade" one of my machines a little sooner than I expected.

the caveat is that the 9400gt i got is DDR2 memory, not GDDR2 default_wink

Thanks for the link!

I jumped all over that one - always been a fan of Western Digital drives - at that price, capacity, and specs - couldn't turn that down. Always have use for another harddrive.

Replaced a Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 (500GB/32MB/7200RPM) - a night and day difference. The WD Caviar black is almost as fast as the Hitachi I have in the other machine, but seems to run quite a bit cooler and definitely quieter.

in raid0 they're awesome. the slowest speed on the array is the fastest speed on my old array.

you guys are nerds!

Hey bitter, I know it's been like, half a year, but do you still have the "broken" DVD burner? I'm a collector of sorts, looking to harvest a nice diode, maybe some collimating lenses too. But yeah, searching for broken DVD burners =)

And dag I wish I could get some new tech.! I'm still running a P4, but that's my work computer, and it's overclocked to 3.4GHz. I have an old T2500 in my laptop with a GeForce Go7300, runs ok. Should have gotten the ati x1400, meh. They're both mediocre, but at least my laptop can run CoD4 (with most options moved down to medium or low).

Aww man - I just tossed about dozen broken CD/DVD burners out a few weeks ago as well as some older machines - Slot Pentium II (remember those), bunch of Socket 370 PIII and Celerons - all of them were on their way out (bad caps on mobos and p/s). I pretty much stripped them for some reusable parts as well - trim pots, LEDs, motors and gears, heatsinks, etc. - but I didn't harvest the lenses off the burners, as I've got other optics stuff to play with. Most of the discrete parts are surface mount stuff now - so I don't even bother to salvage those anymore. My son had fun prying stuff of the boards and trying to peel the PCB apart to see the layers there. Did keep some of the CPUs - may pot those up and turn them into a keychain or something.

i ended up yanking the diode to play with and it died pretty shortly there after, not sure if it was lack of heatsinking or if it was already on its way out. i havent played with computer hardware in a while, beyond building a nice 1.6TB raid0 array which benches some nice numbers.

lately i've been helping my friend get an old John Deere Model 110 up and running for winter, it can mount a snow thrower on the front. fixed the leaky fuel pump, got that bolted on tonight and got it running briefly to confirm, yep blown head gasket! that was the original reason it had sat for 12 years...she thought. she wasnt sure anymore, but had to fix the fuel pump anyways. it had enough compression going to start and run for a few minutes if i held the throttle wide open, so the carb seems to be in decent shape! no more fuel leak (or not as bad) either. its one of those beastly Kohler 10hp cast iron engines with the ball bearing mains that just last for ever and ever, its a 1972 model year!

Avast is better than avg and the rest of the programs listed in this thread. It's free so check it out. Spyware terminator is also a great free program with real time protection. I like it better than any other spyware program I've tried so check that out as well.

yep, avast has now pulled ahead of AVG. some of the posts in this thread are rather old. avast though is a little more technical than the others.

the 110 runs awesome, only needs part choke from a cold start and hot restarts better than a car. just bump the key and its running. need to figure out how many watts the engine puts out for lighting and fine tune the carb with my colortune.

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