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Guest julio

Does anyone know where I can get a non-OEM left fender for an '03 Corolla CE? Has anyone ever bought one of those "CAPA certified" or any other brand, usually selling for $35.00 to $150.00?

Thank you.

Does it have to be a non-OEM part? You can pickup a genuine fender at a salvage yard for about that price range you were quoting. Could be lucky and it will be the same color and everything - just bolt on and go.

For aftermarket fenders - best place to get them are where the bodyshops get them. Call around and see where your local bodyshops get their parts - some are nice enough to say where they source their parts. Some go with DEPO parts - similar to CAPA parts, in that they are non-OEM - some cases fitment is better or worse.

With any body panel - fitment has to be spot on, as your eye can pickup the slightest variation quite easily. Insurance company used "CAPA" certified parts on one of our cars, after it got hit front and rear - could tell immediately, that the fit was way off. Eventually - they relented and used OEM parts. Fitment was perfect.

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