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I Just Learned Something New

By Bitter, September 23, 2008

Ahh. That brings back some memories. A long time since I've heard of the term "Plasma Speaker". For a while it was ionic speakers or ionic cloud speakers - fits what was high tech at the time. Seen some enterprising individuals use Tesla coils to do the same thing, just looks even cooler.

Some here may rememeber the old Popular Science -;magdate=6-1979

For computer tech buffs - Check out the specs on the Cray-1 (80 Million Operations per second). Now, a single core Pentium 4 processor (3GHz) does 100 times that. Intel Quad core (2.66Ghz) does more than 600 times more than the Cray.

Should look up Nelson Pass - had his hand into these speaker designs. May find references to a demo they put on with these speakers that put out so much ozone, that it knocked out Nelson Pass.

This is the first time I've seen or even heard of anything like a plasma speaker! What an amazing device! What I'd like to know is, the speaker shown in the YouTube video (how did they get it to be the full width of the browser window anyway?) seemed to be producing a fairly complete range of audio frequencies, though it seemed to roll off toward the bass end. The Wikipedia article said they were used mainly as tweeters. Is this some special design? It seemed to have a pretty good mid-range and high range to boot! I'm assuming the audio was recorded by a microphone in proximity to the speaker -- rather than the Thompson Twins track being dubbed from a primary source. However, the audio was every bit as good as if it were directly dubbed! That's one great sounding speaker if that's the case! I can't say for sure I'd want a set of them in my Corolla, however!

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