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Cruise Controll On 1995 Prism

By Guest Corolla1600, August 10, 2008 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest Corolla1600

I have a 1995 geo prizm (toyota corolla). It didnt come from the factory with cruise controll so i decided I would install it. i went to a junk yard and got all the parts, Ecu, actuator, ect. I installed everything, the wiring and plugs were all there, and the light on the dash will turn on but the cruise controll wont work. I have checked all the imputs and outputs on the connector but nothing happends when I move the stalk to set.

I have a wiring diagram but I see there is an imput for the park/neutral switch, when I measure this (both ohms and volts) I get nothing no matter what gear the trans is in.

What should be going to this pin??? Power, ground??

Thanks, Travis

sounds like you need to tap the park neutral position switch wiring. those splices may not be present.

it probably feeds power from the switch in forward gears like D and does not in park, nuetral, or reverse.


It is possible that cars that have factory cruise control use a different park/neutral switch on the transaxle.

It may require a different connector.

I have thought about adding cruise control to my own car, but ruled it out due to too much modification required (such as wiring).

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