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2001 Corolla CE - Sounds Like A Turkey Under My Car

Guest stacienhutton

I have a 2001 Corolla CE (approx 95K miles on it). Recently took it in for work because of rough idle, when I got it back, the idle was fine, but it started making a "clicking" type noise every now and then when I would slow down (not necessarily applying the brakes). Now the noise has gotten much worse instead of better. It sounds like a turkey's "gobble" every time I slow down (again not just when applying brakes), and sometimes even when I'm just driving slower than normal (thru parking lots, etc). It's very loud, and the noise speeds up/slows down with the car. The slower I go, the slower and deeper pitched the noise is. Any ideas on what might be my problem?

Something to do with wheels. I would try raising the vehicle and moving the wheels to replicate the sound. Then find it's source. It is also possible that parts in the brake (rear drum brakes have lots of springs and such) have come lose and making that sound.

Hello and welcome to the forum. Could be something with the tire(s), wheel(s), brakes, suspension, underbody splashshields, wheel bearings, driveline, transaxle, etc.

cryppticlineage - has a good point about raising the vehicle up and seeing if you can repoduce the noise by hand. You can also try and swap the wheels around (front to back, back to front) to verify that it is not related to an axle set of wheels/tires. If the noise goes away - then you know what axle set is making the noise, then you can narrow it down to a particular tire.

Did this make any noise before the car went into service? Or was the idle noise masking this behavior. Is this more noise or combination noise and vibration (ie. you can feel it in the steering wheel, by your feet, etc.)? If you can feel it - where does it seem to be greatest - steering wheel, pedals, in the floor, dash, etc. Try slowing down with the car in neutral - and see if the sound get better or worse.

Guest stacienhutton

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll try raising it up tonight to check for the sound, and also try slowing down in neutral to see if the noise persists. Also, on a side note, I think I'm going to drive home today with my window down to see if I can hear it at all when I'm going fast down the freeway. My road noise is pretty significant, so it's possible that it still makes the noise at higher speeds, but I just can't hear it.

The noise definitely wasn't there until after the initial "idle" work was done. It was more of a 'jerky' idle than a 'loud' idle, so I would've heard this awful sound. Also, I can't feel it at all. No excessive shaking or vibrating under my feet (or at least no more than was normal for my car, haha).


Might be a loose wheel balance or a slight scrape from one of the rotating parts, such as rotors/drums/ brake parts.

Guest Jap9196

My 09 Corvette is making the same noise. Seems to stop after driving awhile.

My 09 Corvette is making the same noise. Seems to stop after driving awhile.


Is this also happening fairly randomly? And not just when braking? What about the other side of the spectrum, sharp turns or accelerating? 

Would be helpful to get a broader perspective of your problem.

I had an issue like this awhile back and it turned out to be an issue with the steering axis inclination. It wasn't so much a gobble as it was a strange drip sound. I can't explain the noise. 

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