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Bell Canada

By muzak, May 6, 2008

It's probably the cost...but buying a product from an English speaking person...and then when you need customer are speaking to someone in India who can't speak English properly. Im not being prejudice, but why would they do that??

Cheaper to outsource employees. Funny to get any support from them considering the horrible entanglement of electric wiring and phone lines they have there. Google pics of it, hilarious stuff. Made sense to me why I heard a bunch of people screaming in the background during a support call with one who hung up on me because of it. All those entangled wires probably fried the whole building they were all in to where they were having to run for their lives. default_laugh


I think they don't want you to use any customer support.

They make their money when the product is sold.

The support is just for convenience and the less they can supply, the better for them.

There are also a lot of immigrants that will take any job (even if their English is hard to understand).


Next time press 2 for French! and most likely you will be transfered to someone in Kweebek who speaks understandable English.

That's what I did when I needed to call Dell. First time around I pressed 1 for English and was transferred to someone with a heavy indian accent which I had a lot of difficulty understanding. My mother tongue in French, but my computer litteracy in English. Second time, I called, I pressed 2 and the first question I asked was if the person spoke English, turns out the French call centre for Dell is in Eastearn Ontario and my computer problem was taken care of quickly and efficiently.

Second, peice of advise: dump Bell Canada

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