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Dvd Recorders

By TRCar54, September 11, 2007

Another post which included the discussion of antiquated recording media motivated me to ask. I figured there is plenty of expertise on this forum to answer my questions.

It appears that Panasonic is one of the leaders in this area and that I should certainly get one with a digital tuner and upconverter. Not too concerned about HD right now.

For the small difference in price I will probably go with a VCR also. How about a hard drive. Is one brand easier than the other to use.

Any and all opinions appreciated.


Jay in MA

DVD recorders are pretty mature - they have been in use on computers for some time, and they just keep getting cheaper and cheaper - I believe that the standard DVD recorders are now in their 3rd or 4th generation. I have a newer Samsung (ATSC tuner) and Toshiba (only records to DVD-R discs) units at home - my folks have a Sony (VHS + DVD recorder) and a newer LG (ATSC tuner) one. Can't say one is any tougher to use than the other - having the tuner built in is sort of nice for our areas, but not critical. Your correct that Panasonic has some really nice ones out there - Philips of one of the few, like Panasonic, with a HD built-in. If they haven't changed their design direction - Panasonic should be pretty easy to program (based on pervious experience with their VCRs). The built in HD is an interesting idea - would allow one to record massive amounts of shows initially (like a DVR system) then burn to disc at a later time - the only thing I'm worried about this is the Fair Use policy and the Media distributors take on this (copy protection scheme) - as any good idea can be perverted eventually into a piracy issue and much things up for everyone.

Well, I've owned several these past few years and am about to go buy another vcr so I can tape downstairs and watch upstairs. I thought I knew a lot about stereo systems, but it seems you have to be a rocket scientist to work a dvd recorder. I did have a nice vcr/dvd Toshiba, which I went through 3 in two months, until I found out they were refurbished and that's why they didn't work properly.

I guess my main gripe is that things were fine when I only had a dvd player in the bedroom along with the satellite and cable. Now that I got this other recorder (which only does -R by the way) I have to turn on tv/dvd/satellite (3 remotes) just to be able to watch the satellite.

Thanks Guys. I know they can be a temperamental beast and I'm not an A/V guy by any stretch of the imagination.

Jay in MA


I have both a Sony and a Sharp and would recommend either of them.

I also have a Daewood, which looks nice and is smaller than the others.

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