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Where To Post?

By Zair, May 15, 2007

I would like to propose a minor change to the names of the different forum areas. When I posted regarding my car's performance issues (stuttering at idle and decreased gas mileage), I wasn't quite sure which forum (Corolla or Corolla Performance) to post it into! After reading the large "Announcement: PLEASE READ" at the top of the forum pages, I decided that Corolla Performance was the best place to post it. After all, the announcement said, "Corolla Performance is for Performance Mods and Maintenance related questions." I figured my question was maintenance related, so I posted it there. However, the thread was recently moved to the plain ol' Corolla forum, so apparently my guess was wrong. I don't mind being wrong, it happens a lot, but I see that most other posters tend to be confused on the issue as well, as there are plenty of maintenance-related posts in both forums!

Therefore, I think it would be wise to add a new forum, or change the name of an existing one to "Corolla Maintenance." That would make it pretty clear what does and doesn't belong there, as well as save the mods a fair bit of trouble in moving posts around.


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I can see where the confusion arises. The Corolla Performance forum says "Maintaining and improving your Corolla's performance", which would lead one to believe that maintenance related questions should be posted in this forum.

Lets just say this: If you have a problem with your car, especially one that keeps it from running correctly, put it in the Corollas forum. That forum is the most read forum on the board and you'll be most likely to get an answer if you post your problem there.


I just click on the "View New Posts", since I read all of them and I reply to those I feel I can contribute to.

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