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I was just about to order some 16" rims the other day..and hesitated on the width. Then I got to thinking about 17"s. I have an 02, and in my opinion 18's are too large..especially with tein lowering springs. What are you guys running on? How wide is too wide? Im looking to drop a 2zz in after a few more suspension mods and need as wide a tire as possible(for traction). this is something i havent really put much time/thought into yet.

This is based off of what I did to my 2002 Corolla: 16x7 should be fine - 205/45R16 tire to match the OEM tire circumference - 38mm offset (bring the tire almost flush with the body, really fillout the tire well). Depending on your drop and choice of suspension (sig shows Tein S being shipped) - will have to roll the rear fenders to tuck in the rear tires and trim back the rear mudflaps (if equipped). You'll know exactly where to trim them - as they will have the tire touch them on smaller bumps. Shouldn't have to worry too much about camber settings at this point - the drop is not big enough to warrant worring about that now.

Thanks for the info...sounds full proof to me. Do you have any pics of yours?

Not any with the 16's still on them - but I have ones with the current 14" alloys on them now. link in my sig:

Link here - just in case:

Still lowered on TRD springs, 14" wheels with PLUS+0 tires matched the circumference of the 16" wheels, but set back at bit further in - 16's were basically flush with the body with a 38mm backspace. Note that it is best to lower the car to your desired ride height and fit the wheels. The first go around, I installed some bigger wheels (16x7 wheel, 205/45R16 tires) with the OEM suspension, the tire gap between the fender and top of the tire was QUITE noticable.

For comparision - the Matrix next to the Corolla is also on OEM 16" alloys with stock ride height. Big gap between the tire and fender. But that car has a different purpose and I needed the extra travel.