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1988 Corolla Sr5 Noise

By Guest Lorgeo, November 30, 2006 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest Lorgeo

My '88 Corolla has been making 'grunting' noises when turning from a stop. (I might grunt a bit if I had 227, 775 miles on me!) This is not noticable when driving. I'm thinking maybe the rack or the ps pump. Any ideas?

Sure sounds like a P/S pump or some slop in the steering rack. I would double check that it isn't something like a loose strut mount or slop in the suspension.

I'd try flushing out the old fluid with some fresh fluid and see if that helps. You can do it with the "turkey baster" method of siphoning the old fluid out (takes time, can't all the fluid, but easy to do) or disconnect the output line from the pump and pump the fluid into a drain pan (have to make sure to not run dry of fluid in the reservior, can be messy).

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