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Tour De France

By Larry Roll July 16, 2006

OK, now that the World Cup is over, who do you like for the Tour de France? Any cycling enthusiasts out there?

OK then, forget I even mentioned it!

Don't be too hasty there - the 93rd? Tour de France is not over until 23rd in Paris.

I was never really into it as much as my father would have liked (he was a competitive cyclist in his prime). But given the huge number of riders, as well as some top ranked cyclists, getting the boot from the blood doping scandal - I'm not sure how this will tour turn out for the 2006 Tour.

Without Lance Armstorng I really haven't paying attention to it...not to mention Basso and Ullrich also out of it. To be honest I almost forgot it was happening since ESPN barely mentions it.


I used to do a lot of cycling and I am watching the Tour when I am able.

I would hope that Floyd Landiss wins. He is after all an American!

I just finished watching Landiss win today's stage -- so he's right in there! I just hope he can keep it up! It would be great if he could continue the tradition of American domination of the Tour!


He almost made me look bad yesterday, but made up for it today. I hate someone I recommend letting me down. He had better not crash!! He needs to win the tour!!


Floyd Landis will do it!!


Did I call it right!!

What's next - football?


Hey Larry, - What happened to the "Tour De Dupont"??

OK, now that the World Cup is over, who do you like for the Tour de France? Any cycling enthusiasts out there?
I've actually noticed that there are a lot of biking enthusiats at the site. I used to watch to Tour de France, but ever since Lance retired, it's just not the same. There's no one Americans can really get around to cheer for. Floyd Landis was tested positive for using steroids. What a disgrace compared to Armstrong's great legacy. They let Landis keep the title, but just to please Americans so that they would keep watching. This year, it was some nobody from Spain who won.


Anyways, back to real biking. I used to own an old mountain bike which I road throughout High School. After buying a car for College, my biking almost dropped to nothing until about 2 months ago when I decided to buy a new bike, this time a Trek 7300 Hybrid. The bike is perfect and I can maintain an average 18-20 mph on short trips (to work; about 4.5 miles). My mountain bike was a little slower, probably 15-16 because it was bulkier.

I've also been considering converting my bike to electric power for when I'm in a hurry or if I don't want to arrive at work all sweaty. Here's one kit I've been looking (or rather drooling) at:

This kit puts out 1050 watts! It can max out at almost 1.9 kW (that's about 2.5 horsepower) and maintains over 90% efficiency. According to the seller, it can maintain a steady 70 kph (43 mph) top speed on a flat road and climb hills at 47 kph (29 mph). All i can say is WOW! That's faster than a moped. I probably wouldn't go that fast of course, since most stock bike tires aren't rated for above 40 mph, but it would be fun to test it once and a while. The seller also has some less powerful kits (a 500 watt and 180 watt). The best thing about this is that you can always turn off the battery and go back to leg power if you want more exercise or if the battery is running low. The only real downside to this kit is that it's quite expensive ($750 after shipping cost)

I suppose its not that bad. I've seen even more powerful kits from Crystalyte Phoenix that run up $2500+, but can max out at over 4 kW! (thats over 5.3 HP). Top speed on those is somewhere above 50 mph and have an range of over 35 miles at 25 mph.

My last new bike was bought in 1995 and I still ride it every so often to this day. Ride to subway station, then take transit to work. The perfect green commute. default_biggrin

Later on I picked up two bikes that one of my neighbors threw out when they moved out, and spent about $100 across the two to refurbish them. At that time one of my bicycles hit the curb and had to be retired (and its frame was too big for me anyway) so I transferred parts to these new acquisitions and retired 2 of my old bikes. Now I just need to find a reasonably priced shop to refinish one of them - was a Specialized Hard Rock which was a nice find.


Why do you think I am the Bikeman??

I did a lot of bicycle riding, ever since I was a kid. Not good enough to be pro, but good enough to ride with a local team.

I have done numerous century rides (organized 100 miles in a day) and some double centuries (200 miles in a day).

I also did time trials and triathlons (just the bicycling portion). Took either first or 2nd place every time.

I have done some mountain biking, but mostly just to hang with some friends who just did that type of riding.

Once I rode a charity ride with Greg Lemond in San Francisco. He and I were shoulder to shoulder and joking as we rode along.

It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I never met Lance Armstrong, but think he did a lot for American Cycling.

I also have done motorcycling and taught the MSF courses. I taught for the military when stationed in Michigan and also in California.

I did teach Motorcycle Safety for the State of California a couple of times.

There are about ten bicycles in my garage and yard that I take turns riding. I also have a Tandem that I have not ridden much lately.

My race bike was a Specialized Epic that was lightweight and fast. I do a lot of training on either my Univega or my Schwinn.

As well as riding/racing, I also repaired bicycles and did it for my church group rides every time they went.

I collected every discarded bicycle I could find and swapped parts to make some good bikes.

I donated those to unfortunate kids. I must have done that at least 50 times and was well appreciated for it.

I have a bicycle in my house on a windtrainer that I can ride if the weather gets too bad. My son rides it now.

He also has a Performance bicycle that I picked up at a yard sale. It is an excellent road bike.

I do have two mountain bikes that I will put up for sale, since I don't ride them much anymore.

They are both Specialized Hardrocks. I have to clean the dust off them before I put them up for sale.

Does anyone else here do cycling??

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