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What Performance Parts To Get For My Matrix?

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Hello Everybody,

This is my first time here and had a couple of questions that I would like answered by any a the savvy members of this forum. I have a 2004 Matrix XR and want to enhance its horsepower without touching the inner works of the engine... or at least not yet. I been doing some research and there are numerous manufacturers of different items out there but no way to tell for sure on their offerings. I am going to list some of the components that I am interested in getting:

1) Cold Air Intake

2) Header

3) Correct type of Thermo Tape for the header.

4) High performance Muffler with 1 in and 2 out configuration. (like the 350Z have it)

5) Throttle body

6) Intake Manifold

7) High Performance Coil Pack ignitiong system. (not sure if its even made)

8) ECU upgrade or bypass that is Plug and Play and USB ready.

9) Performance Pulley

10) Springs (Mcpherson in the Front and coilover in the back. Some people tell me its weird factory configuration for this car so I dont know why)

11) Struts and shocks

12) Suspension bushings.

That is what I can think out of the top of my head for now. Any comments are welcome and hope to get good results with this combination so far. Thanks!


1) Sure, why not?

2) Not worth it

3) See number 2

4) If it floats your boat

5) See number 2

6) See number 2

7) See number 2

8) See number 2)

9) Don't get underdrive pulleys.

10) It's not weird... VW has done it.

11) Suggest Koni Sports

12) Polyurethane can get you a rather harsh ride-- plus prone to cracking due to really high durometer.

into detail:

2) Header... the factory header is actually a good design already... no need to improve it with a stock engine. Ditto the thermo tape.

5)Throttle body... stock engine... so the $$$ to HP gain ratio is horrible

6) The plastic intake is already a short runner type, good for top end HP

7) Not needed on a stock engine

8) Low $$$ to HP ratio. It will squeeze out a couple more hp... not much, and you need to use premium fuel. Also to protect the engine you need an aftermarket knock sensor/computer.

9) Underdrives are common, but you'll be underdrivng the alternator, therefore electrical system while the car is running.

My advise: Start mild... save money for a turbo or supercharger upgrade, then the upgrades not needed may start to make sense


Matrix gearing sucks. It will never be fast.

For all the money listed in your mods, you could get a older used "real" sports car. New car for reliability, old sports car for fun.


if you want a sports car, get a sports car.


the vibe er i mean matrix default_tongue is not a quick car and will take REDICKOLUS amounts of money to be a quick car. its a van/car/cross over/whatever thats sposed to be jammed full of features and junk to sell well to younger people. thats it! if you want a fast car buy one thats fast from the factory and then make it faster.

a fox body mustang LX would make an EXCELLENT project car if you want to run a fast 1/4. if you want to turn well then a miata is a good choice.