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I wonder if someone can help.

I have driven home this evening, in icy conditions. When I have had to use the brakes, my foot has gone more or less flat to the floor and an audiable "whirring" noise can be hear. I can actually feel a mechanical feel under my foot, it's very hard to describe, but it's not right.

The whirring noise doesn't sound right at all. It has happened a few time in the last few weeks, but only when I've hit the brakes hard.

I took it into the garage a couple of days ago and have had the pads changed, so it's not that (I don't think?).

Can anyone please help?

If you can, please mail me @



Having read the manual, could this be the ABS?

It has been icy and snowy today, so this would make sense why it's happened so much I suppose.

I've never owned a car with ABS before, so don't know what it feels or sounds like... if someone could confirm\deny that it is ABS, that would be great!



With ABS - pulsing / whiring / thumping noises along with pedal pulsation or vibration could be normal. But since you stated that the pedal sank to the floor and you felt that there was a weird feeling when you got on the brakes - it sounds like it is not ABS. Did you notice if the car pulled one direction or another? Does it do it in rainy conditions with heavy brake applications? Chances are - since you just recently replaced your pads - depending on composition on the pad and who manufactured them - could be a case of the pads not being bedded in or worn into the original rotors. Did they turn your rotors? Tell you how much they have worn down? Replaced brake hardware with new ones - not cleaning and reusing the old hardware? If the pads did not bed in properly, were not installed correctly or properly - then you may have to drive a few hundred easy miles with gentle brake applications to get them back, if they have not been burned up or caused some spalling on your rotors. It could also be a case of non-oem parts that have the wrong friction characteristics - that could cause squealing, shrieking, and/or chattering noises as well as weird pedal feel or different braking behavior. I would go back and have them recheck the work and make sure that they install proper parts.