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1989 Carbuerated Corolla Performance

By Guest 89corollale, November 9, 2003 in Pre-1997 Toyota Corolla and Geo Prizm

Guest 89corollale

I have a 1989 Corolla LE. It's four door and carbuerated. Is there anywhere I can get performance parts like bigger carb, air filter and exhaust? Thanks I'm planning on making a 13-15 sec sleeper. default_biggrin

Guest toyotacorollafx

get bigger jets on ur carburater...that wont be too expensive but ur gas milage will offcourse suffer and it might be harder to pass smog depending on how good of a condition ur car is already it. Get a high performance air filter such as K&N to provide more air flow. Lastly, theres ALOT of things u can get for the exhaust...try a flowmaster muffler withthe whole new tube going underneath the car

If you want to make it a 13-15 second sleeper (****uming 1/4 mile) - you'll need more than a few bolt on parts if you go N/A. Your generation of Corolla is very flexible in adapting other motors to it. Might be able to get a good deal on a 4AGZE, 20v 4AGE, or even a 3SGTE motor swap and suspension upgrade.

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