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Found 3 results

  1. Corolla issues I have a 2010 Toyota Corolla with 97,000 miles. I am asking about hard shifts. From a stop and accelerating from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and OD, all is well and no issues. The issue is with downshifts from OD to 3rd or 2nd, especially when I need to pass someone. I will give a decent amount of throttle and it drops out of overdrive and waits... Then shifts into second. Almost like it missed third gear altogether and went to second. On the times it does find third, it lands into gear pretty hard and you can feel it jerk into gear. The concern is not only that something is wrong, but it's also starting to cause a safety issue. This issue isn't constant and I can't always recreate it. Some days it drives like a brand new car and other days it seems like it's time to trade her in? I bought this car new and was hoping to drive it for many years not just 10. I’ve always maintained it, used premium oil and it’s in otherwise mint condition. I'm running the original spark plugs. I started to think that maybe a general lack of power due to old plugs is causing an issue where the transmission is making up for the loss by shifting me back an extra gear when in normal conditions it wouldn't do that?. I'm honestly not sure. Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome! Sharon Sent from my iPhone
  2. Hello everyone! I am resurrecting an old topic, sort-of. I posted about this previously thinking it was a tranaxle problem, but I'm not sure it is anymore... I have a 2010 Corolla S with 153,000 miles on it. If I am traveling down the road in overdrive doing 45+ mph, life is good. On occasion, if I need to accelerate, the kick-down from OD to third or second is occasionally met with a very hard jolt that has a very expensive feel to it. This winter, it became so bad that I took it in to the transmission shop to have it looked at. $100 and a full diagnostic with drive test later they said they couldn't replicate the issue, the fluid looked great, pressure was great, and everything appears to be running just fine. They were confident that there was a lot of life left in the transmission. I wish I could remember, but they also said they cleared a computer or module and wanted me to see if that helped. And, for a little time, it did seem to help a little. But it wasn't long before the problem returned. Just as I was thinking I should take it in again and drive with them, the weather changed from cold to warm and the problem has gone away. But I suspect it will be back in the colder weather. This is a reputable transmission shop that does good work, so I don't doubt them that the diagnostics came back clear. But if that's the case, what else could be the problem? Downshifts, as if I was coming to a stop, are smooth - but when stopped I notice my engine hunting for a smooth idle speed between 750 and 1,000 RPM, which is kind of unusual and rough until it figures things out. It's only during kick-downs and it's hard to predict when it will happen until just before it occurs. While it is unpredictable, I can tell when it's about to happen a couple seconds before it jolts. Usually when I give more throttle, the kick-down feels "normal" and somewhat immediate. When the problem is about to occur, I give more throttle and the car doesn't accelerate or it will try to accelerate while in OD (with little success) for about three or four seconds - then all the sudden, bang, and you're in third or second. However, if I feel the hesitation and I let off the gas a little and then force the kick-down again, it's usually okay. I've had the problem occur when I need hard WOT acceleration right away and I've had it happen with lazy, barely giving gas to pass the car in front, throttle inputs. I'm wondering if there are any ideas or suggestions on what to check or replace. I've cleaned the MAF, which was a long shot, and my throttle body is spotless. I've read it could be a catalytic converter could be plugged, a bad TPS, bad fuel pump, and bad speed sensor. But, all of of those things have costs associated with them and I would rather not guess at a fix and spend money on something unnecessary. Thank you for reading!
  3. I have an 09 corolla le, currently with the 2zrfe engine and u341e transaxle. I have been researching converting it to a manual, but am unable to find some information thus far. What model transaxle would I swap in? The c59? If I later decided to do an enine swap to the 2azfe engine (which was offered in the 09-10 corolla xrs), would the transaxle still work or would I have to get a different one? Also, is the crossmember for the auto and manual transaxles the same?