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  1. Toyota will retrofit Apple CarPlay to 2018 Camrys and Siennas, through Toyota dealers. Those who enjoy having others listening to all their conversations can also get Amazon Alexa retrofitted. The updates will be part of a new software package; it may be free, or there may be a fee, but a dealer visit is definitely required. CarPlay is included in numerous 2019 and 2020 Toyotas.
  2. Toyota is cutting costs relentlessly, though their cars seem as though more money’s being lavished on them. Part of that is “unseen incentives” — rather than giving rebates, Toyota’s handing out standard features and more expensive interiors, without raising prices. Automotive News reported that the company is serious about keeping up their cost-cutting binge, with Akio Toyoda saying that the company is facing an existential crisis. The record profits of this past quarter are needed, he said, to invest in the future, as tastes move from sedans to crossovers and technology may move from gaso
  3. Since Toyota is standardizing on a single platform for these cars, why not talk about them together? The new Corolla, Camry, Avalon, and RAV4 all share — why not talk about any of them that we have?
  4. Hey guys--back after a long hiatus with a new(er) Corolla. I bought a nice metallic grey 2003 with a rear spoiler about a year ago. It's in great shape cosmetically, but it has developed one problem:the vinyl trim on the inside of the door (where the door meets the base of the window) has started to separate. Any ideas on the best way to repair/re-attach? Going to post some photos if I can.
  5. Hi. Please help me, I got a corolla d4d engine not running. I checked all the fuses the car crancks but it doesn't run also there is no voltage on the injectors plugs so no fuel coming out from the injectors..... Help.
  6. Greetings...new member here. I am original owner of an 88 GTS 4AGE 5 speed, fresh rebuild (but this problem was happening before the rebuild). It stalls (or at least the idle drops so low it wants to stall) after slowing down...usually after warmed up and driving on the freeway. After reading up, I feel it's the EGR or the IAC (both original) though please educate me as there are also the VSV and MAP sensor that could be problems too. Fix #1: I checked and adjusted TPS...no change. Also, fuel injectors and fuel filter are good. Fix #2: I removed the throttle body to clean the IAC but the
  7. Hey guys hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the holidays. Today my 99 Corolla developed this strange noise (rattling noise) Please have a listen: Any idea what it can be?
  8. Hello everyone, What an awesome forum I have already got a lot of useful information just searching for what I need. Anyway, Would someone be able to identify the highlighted hose coming out of my valve cover? http://www2.hawaii.edu/~wrightwr/images/IMG_3267ii.jpg
  9. I have a 2002 corolla S and earlier today a ticking sound started coming from my engine. It was very rhythmic and increased in speed as the engine did. It was less noticeable under light engine load but if I accelerated harder it got louder. Just curious as to what this could be so I can fix it and/or get it repaired before it becomes a major issue.
  10. After I took a long roadtrip I started to notice that I was hearing a knocking sound coming from the suspension when ever I ran over small bumps. Now I have a 2002 Corolla S, and I don't think anything is wrong with my springs or struts, but I'm not sure how to check some of the other suspension components, like the ball joint, tie rods, etc. Does anyone know where this sound would likely be coming from, cause I would like to do the repairs myself instead of taking it to a shop and throwing a lot of money at it till it gets fixed. Thanks for any help
  11. Ok, I have a 07 corolla and recently took it on its first road trip to the UP of Michigan. I've never taken it up over 70 but I did up there. I was driving about 75 and it seemed if the wind was just right or a semi passed at a certain point, there would be this really loud squeal coming from under the dash on the passenger side. It sounded like air being blown through a small opening between two pieces of plastic. It did it alot but only if I reached about 74mph+. anybody ever had this problem and have any idea what it might be???
  12. Hi All, I have an 05 corolla and have a squeaking sound that is coming from the dash area when the fan is on either heat or A/C. Has anyone else experienced this or is it a known issue? Any ideas what could be causing it? It almost sounds like a squeaky fan but I don't know enough about this car to know for sure if that is it or how much trouble/cost it would be to fix it. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hey all, its been a while since i've had any problems w/ my 98 Corolla. But over the last several months i've noticed a intermittent rumbling coming from the front wheel. It sounded like a strut mount since it was so clear and sounded up high in the wheel well. I ordered a new mount from rock auto, along with a bellows and bump stop since it was torn up. Yesterday I changed out everything, took me about 5 hours off and on. Afterwards, I drove it again, and the rumble is still there. Im beginning to suspect the wheel bearing. While i was under the car, i was pulling on things to see if an
  14. My brake indicator light was coming on when I started the car, but went off after a few stops and starts. Well it stopped coming on, do I need to worry? Not the brake lights on the outside of the car. 1998 VE. Btw, I can't buy Honorable Donor / Karma Builder. No payment method with no options to add one!
  15. Discovered a gas leak when I fill coming from the fuel inlet pipe. I saw dripping from the end of the hose that connects the inlet pipe to the pipe of the gas tank. It's the smaller pipe of the pipes. Need help as to what to do. The end of the hose with the hose clamp is loose so there is a section of the hard pipe that is rusted out. The hose looks black and braided? I'm thinking I could hacksaw off a little pipe from each end of the hose and find a slightly longer hose and reconnect. Is this possible or do I have to replace the entire fuel inlet pipe?
  16. Hello all. Nice new set up here at Corolland....well, new to me. Probably been a while for you folks. At any rate, for the past couple of days when I start my car and the interior fan is on, automatically a funky smell starts coming out of the vents that seems to be the strongest right after starting, but intermittently picks up intensity while driving. It's kind of a smoldering cardboard/elephant-house-at-the-zoo smell. Doesn't seem to be the universal "worn sock smell" that builds over time due to a bad condenser or "sweet" smell associated with busted heater core. There are other
  17. I have a 2001 Corolla with about 120,000 miles (highway). About a year ago, it started pinging badly up hills, even at highway speeds. The Toyota dealer suggested I try premium gas. That's when the check engine light started coming on, although the pinging was much less. Ever since I've been having the check engine light come on. I switched back to regular gas, have been adding Techron and Seafoam at regular intervals, changed air filter at regular intervals and had the plugs changed at 90,000miles. The code that keeps coming back is: P1349: manfacturer contrl. ignition system
  18. I started getting this noise, like a loud screach when driving. It starts of real loud and goes away. But today i realized i can duplicate this noise with the car in park, i cut the steering all the way to either the left or right and it starts screaching and if i give it gas it gets louder. Can anyone help? anyone know what is making this screaching noise?
  19. I have a 2000, and its making a loud, high pitched hissing sound from the engine compartment. Only happens the AC is off. You can't hear it from the inside the cabin, only outside or obviously with the hood open. I've checked the pullys, changed the serpentine belt, nothing. It sounds like it's coming from the headers though. However, I could not find any leak in the gasket or in the actual intake pipes. We tried a few different things trying to find a leak, and nothing. I don't have an EGR valve, and we checked the vacuum tubes as well, and no leak there either. Is that just the sound that th
  20. 93' 90k miles Corolla, recently I've been hearing a strange sound coming from the front right side (best I can guess). Not always, it's intermittent, one drive it is not there, another drive, it "appears". Best I can try to describe is a low hollow like sound, kinda sounds like when one empties a container of fluid upside down, the air that goes in, kinda like a "gunk" "gunk" sound. I haven't take it in yet due to the hard time of me trying to get it the sound to appear each time. Might be that it appears after going over some bumps but I'm not definite about that. Tires are pretty new, o
  21. Hi I have been searching the forum for help with a newly occuring problem. On my way to work i noticed a slight fuel smell coming from the back seat. So when i got to work i pulled the botton seat out of the back seat to gain acces to the fuel pump area. When i pulled the cover i noticed a faint fuel smell coming from where the fuel pump is located. I could see that there was an area that had fuel there prior but was since dried up but a stain remained leaving me to believe that i need to replace the gasket that goes inbetween the fuel pump assy and the fuel tank. I did take a screw driver
  22. Later this week, I will be moving Corolland to a new server. This may result in a brief period when the forums are discombobulated - messages may "appear" to disappear. I am going to set the domain name to live for only a couple of minutes, so for most people there will be no apparent change or movement, unless something gets screwed up in transition (gee, that never happens!) so you will almost certainly encounter an error message for a few minutes while I fix my mistakes if you happen to be using the system when I make the move. Yes, I should really be doing this at 1 am, but I tend to sl
  23. It was very cold this morning. 33 degrees. As I blasted on my defroster and was scraping the frost off my '99 Corolla, I heard a distinct knocking noise under the hood for a brief, I'd say 2 seconds (2 knocks). I then looked down at my hood to see vapors seeping out from the hood. I don't know if it was steam or smoke, but the headlights definately made me see it. What could this be? I recently got a new air filter put in, put in fuel injector fluid, to help w/the "old car-chug chug sound". I know my car was recommended to have a tune up by the one of the guys that does my oil change. I
  24. I've got a great running 99 Corolla that has been sounding a little off recently. It sounds like something is thumping or clanking towards the rear of my car. I took everything out of my trunk and I'm about to have somebody ride in the rear of my car and listen for the noise to determine where it's coming from. It's not terribly loud and happens mostly when going over a bump, sometimes while accelerating or turning. Could this be the sound of struts going bad? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  25. I have a 92 corolla and now when I turn on the a/c I'm getting hot air. I've noticed the compressor and the fans were not turning on. I can run 12V to the compressor and get it to run and both fans do activate when the car reaches normal temperature. The system does blow cold air when I do this. I have checked and replaced all of the relays and fuses(hood, driver, and passenger). Pressures checked out O.K. I'm stumped and any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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