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  1. Im wanting to do an engine swap in my 2010 toyota corolla s trying to make a good sleeper car for weekends at my local track in the corolla section. does anyone know what some direct matching bolt motors are that would help me get more power? (wanting to get at least 200hp out of the box) any help would be greatly apprecicated and thanks in advance. Would the the 2010 toyota avalon motor match the bolt pattern?
  2. I have a wrecked 98 corolla, also have a 98 camry in great shape except the motor is shot. Is it possible to swap the engine out of the corolla into the camry? Just wondering if anyone as done this or if its possible. Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone, I want to swap out the engine in my 98 Corolla LE. I'm not too familiar with Toyota, as I've always worked on Honda. My mom was going to get rid of the car about 2 months ago but I figured since it was the car I learned to drive in I would keep it. I would like to know what engines would be a good swap, some with decent to excellent horse-power gains. So far i have added rims, a short ram intake, 50cc shot of NOS , Coil Over suspension, pully kit, OBX racing headers, custom Borla exhaust, Sony video system, a Rockford Fosgate sound system, and I have and Extreme Dimensions
  4. Hi All, I'm contemplating using the 1ZZ-FE engine in an engine swap to an older VW. There is an adapter made by Kennedy to connect to the transmission and I can handle the engine mounts. The wiring is always the trickiest part on a project like this. Here's some questions: If I get all harness inside the engine compartment + the ECU is that all I should need or do I need other parts within the car? Any suggestions on where to get diagrams etc. on what wires I will need to hook up to where to get the engine running? Thanks! Mark
  5. I do not know I guess a engine swap is just taking an engine out of an other car and putting it in your car. When you do a swap I do not know what engine you can use. With the 2azfe engine what is the issue: Toyota tryed a different piston design and it did not work. I do not know. Now I guess they came up with a TSB with an updated part. I think the best thing to do is get a new or rebuild engine from Toyota because you will be guaranteed to have the right updated part. Engine rebuilder: that is all he does all day. He should be able to build engine with right part that is his bus
  6. I really want to engine swap AND turbo my 99 corolla (auto). I was looking at the 2zz or the 4age black top. What one would be easier with also being able to turbo easily after? What is everything that I would need?
  7. What issues am I faced with if I replace the blown engine in a 2004 Corolla S with an engine from either a 2003 Matrix XR or a 2003 Corolla LE. Of course I'm going to be way down on horsepower but car is a daily driver work car and just need the thing to get me to work. I assume their must be ECM issues but this is the cheapest way I have to go at this point. RLL
  8. I need to do a engine rebuild on my 1zz motor but I also was thinking of swapping it out for a 2zz I can get for 1300 from a 00 Celica with 50k miles. I know the 2zz makes btwn170-195hp stock depending on with car its in. I also know the harness is completely different but I contacted Phoenix tune and they can redo the harness for 600. Can someone tell me the best way to go. Thanks.I also know that the 2zz is higher compression but I can change out the piston right ?
  9. what would need to be done (pertaining to emissions and computer related items) to put a 91 4afe engine from an 3-speed automatic vehicle into an 89 4af 5-speed manual vehicle? i have a mechanically sound 91 that was side swiped on the highway. the driver side doors and rear quarter panels are messed up. the windshield is also cracked. i have been driving it for over a year in this condition. it would not pass safety inspection next year with the cracked windshield. i just bought an 89 for 300$ that has better body panels and a new windshield. the engine has 300K miles and has a bad mi
  10. I've owned Corollas since 1989 (still have them both too) - I can't believe I just now found this forum! I also have 1990 wagon, which is why I'm posting. I lost a cylinder, rebuilt the head and replaced the gasket but #3 is still dead. Piston head looks fine so I guess I broke a ring. I'd rather swap out the motor than pull and rebuild at this point. My question is this: The engine is a JDI 4A-FE. Am I limited to a 1988-1992 4A-FE or will others be a direct bolt in? I've found a 1993 with low miles but the body changed that year and I assume the engine, wiring, etc did too? My other
  11. Hello to all. I've spent much time searching google and this seems like the best place to ask what seems to be a unique question. I've recently acquired a 1993 Corolla, 1.8L automatic. The thing is in great condition inside and out... except the motor likes to drink damn near 2 to 3 quarts of motor oil a day! Upon tear down, I've discovered a crack in one of the cylinders near the head. Now I could easily get a short block and breathe new life into what I have to work with.. but I got to thinking... I would REALLY like to make this thing the ultimate gas saver. My other vehicle is a turbocharg
  12. Hello all, I am having the typical oil burning problems with my Corolla like a lot of other people. I really cannot afford another car and I am only driving two or three days a week. I was thinking of just doing an engine swap in then near future and was wondering what a fair price would be. I am figuring that it would be more cost effective to just have the engine replaced as opposed to having a whole bunch of things needing to be replaced in the current engine (rings etc.), never mind the cost of the mechanic just trying to figure out what needs to be replaced. Any suggestions would be he
  13. Hey guys I need some help here..I now have a 93 corolla with 250,000 miles. Im 17 so i dont have alotta funds but i want to do some work on this car swapping engines is just one of the areas i want to touch on. Im more performance oriented vs appearance, though i will probaly be gettin a paint job before anything else...ive got a hook up only reason why. But i saw the post from fishexpo helpin.... alec.. i think? with the swap. I have limited experience with engines or for that matter anything else with a car, but i love cars especially imports. U dont see many corollas on the scene, but i wan
  14. Hi everyone, sorry if this question has already been asked before. I searched and could not find anything. I recently did an engine swap on my 99 corolla CE and now my car doesn't start. All engine harness connectors are attached except for the radiator connection. A mechanic mentioned that some cars (like mine) won't run unless the radiator is present with water in it. Can someone verify that this is true? Thanks
  15. I'm planning on swaping my 1zzfe engine on my 2003 corolla and was wondering what I will need to do this. I have a short list of things I'll post later when I get back home tonight. But my main question is do I need to pull the transmission with it or can i do it without pulling the tranny. Any suggestions or comments would be helpful. Thanks Tyler
  16. Hi every1 im new to this forum i build hondas and i am trying something new. Like the tittle says i want to swap out my 1zzfe w a 2zzge. my car is a 99 corolla w some mods done but i want more hp and tq i need some help w this plzzz. If theres any links to help me out on this it would help me a lot guys thxz
  17. Guest

    98 Corolla Engine Swap

    Hey My motor is about to go...Im Cash tight and i've been meaning to do a swap but not soo soon. my engines ticking really bad... Here are some of the ideas that i wanna swap in -4age -4agze -3sgte -or replace it with another 1zzfe non vvti Question is, Knowing with the knowledge i have...not very much on engine swapping...Will any of these engines fit into a 98 corolla? Mounts will not be in the right spots, will have to do some modifications to the mounts. Does any one have any idea on how to install a 4agze motor...Im really looking forward to getting that. but its prices tha
  18. Hey guys I am new here! So I have a 1988 Corolla SDn with the 4af engine and would like to put a 4afe in it. What do I need to do this??? Thanks alot!
  19. Guest

    97 Dx Engine Swap

    Greetings, I have some question that I hope that can get answered. I have a 1997 DX with a 1.8L engine with a distributor ignition system. I have found a 1.8L engine with a coil pack ignition. Can I swap these engines. In other words will the coil pack engine fit onto the trans, motors mounts etc. Thanks
  20. Hey guys, After a leak-down test on my '99s engine, I'm told that my piston rings are probably fried. Based on seriously low compression numbers 150-100-95-150. And I'm also told that the easiest way to solve this problem is to swap out the engine, or reman the entire block/many of the hard components. But the reman costs way more than engine replacement. What are my options here? I read a previous post that talked about previous successful engine swaps for this gen. of Corolla but what I'm more concerned about, since I know that virtually anything is possible - is more about what parts
  21. The engine in my 2001 CE is dead. I'm planning on replaceing it with a used one. I want to avoid any communication problems between the car and the new engine. Is the 2001 model engine the only one that will avoid these kind of problems?
  22. Guest

    Engine Swap

    Hey guys I have a 2001 Corolla S and well the engine is blown on it so I am looking into a swap. I'm having a hard time looking for an engine that will just bolt right up to it. I want a JDM engine and I really need some help finding an engine that isn't too expensive and will fit right into my car. i thought about getting the 4age engine but someone told me that i would have to change up the mounting cause i would be moving from a 1zz-fe engine type. ahh...anyway if i could just get some engine recommendations that would be awesome! thanks!
  23. I have a 92 Corolla automatic and need to swap in an engine into it from another '92 Corolla automatic. Can the engine be pulled without removing the transmission? Do the mounts that hold the transmission to the frame need to be unbolted? Is there enough room to pull the engine without disturbing the transmission?
  24. My 90 Corolla engine is having "issues"... it has developed a rear seal leak, going through quite a bit of oil doing it. It still runs well, but there does seem to be a bit of cylinder blow-by going on, which might be pressurizing the crankcase a bit. Since it has 221000 miles on an unopened engine, I'm considering that if I go through the trouble it would take to change the rear seal (pull crossmember, tranny, etc), I might consider instead putting in a much fresher engine that will get another 6 digits of mileage out of the car. My question is - what options do I have other than just repl
  25. hey i just got a 1996 Corolla, base model with the 1.6 4afe engine in it. ive done very little work to it like add a spoiler (off a nissan sentra), interior design work among other little things. anyhow, i was wondering if any corolla genius had a list of compatible engine swaps for my car, the 1.6 just isnt going to satisfy the need for speed. please any help is appreciated, thankyou.
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