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  1. You are aware that the "Start" key position functions like a modern pushbutton start on our cars, right? I figured this out very early on with my car. All you have to do is flick the key to Start, and it will automatically crank until started. I have been starting my car this way for 3 years. My car used to "chirp" on startup, and continued to do so after replacing the serpentine belt. On cold mornings it would continue to shriek badly, especially if I had the blower and rear defrost turned on (more alternator load). Tightening the belt by another couple turns of the tension bolt on the alternator cured it. Seems these motors are very picky about serpentine belt tension, exacerbated by the fact that there is no spring-loaded belt tensioner. Because of the effect of alternator load on the chirp/shriek, it seems like the belt was slipping on the alternator pulley.
  2. I haven't been on the forums in a while, but this thread is highly relevant to my vehicle. My '09 CE 1.8L auto has 141,000km or 87600 miles on it. I am diligent about letting it come off fast idle before driving when started cold, keeping it under 3000rpm until warmed up, smooth on the throttle to make life easy for the tranny etc etc. That said, the car has been put through it's paces. There is NO carbon in that motor, guaranteed. Plenty of WOT in it's lifetime. I replaced the water pump at just under 100,000km (62k miles), if I recall correctly. I don't have sound on my work computer, but I assume it's the same metallic "scape/light rattle" that my car made before replacing the pump. I am not surprised at all about the one dealer doing 7 water pumps already. No sounds or failure from the new pump after over 40,000km. Since about 60,000km (37k miles) or so, my car "purrs" at idle, when warm. No, I'm not talking about it running well, it's always done that. When idling in park/neutral OR drive, a soft rattle oscillates (think sine wave pattern) at the rate of about 1.5 seconds between peaks, coming from the back (firewall side) of the cylinder head. It's not loud, but noticeable from the cabin. It has been suggested to me that the VVTi actuators could be causing this, and that it could be proven by using a code reader that can display diagnostic info to view the cam angle data and see if the rattle coincides with change in the angle. I didn't think the VVTi would be modulating cam angle at a constant RPM, but I don't know the workings of the system very well. This sound has been occuring at the same rate/intensity ever since, and has not seemed to affect the operation of the motor whatsoever. It does not run poorly at idle, and has the same response/power as new, if not a bit MORE power than when it was new. One of these days I will hook up a code reader that can pull cam angle data and actually see if it is a VVTi solenoid. Perhaps it's worth a seperate thread?
  3. Had my '09 up to 110 on a long flat section of highway (with little roadside cover for LEOs). It sure didn't get there quick, but that WOT 3-4 shift was nice and solid I don't think it locked the converter. 115 may have been possible, but there is definitely no electronic limiter as with the folks' '05 Echo, it's all wind resistance. The car definitely isn't meant to sustain that speed, but it felt decently stable for an economy car. A bit more frightening was taking my then-unmodified '76 Ford Thunderbird up to 90mph with a worn-out rubber isolator at the steering box. My word was that thing floating around when I let off the gas....but a 460 big block is music to the ears at that speed! For any OPP officers on the board: above is fictional for entertainment purposes only.
  4. I had heard about this wax a few months ago on another forum and decided to give it a shot on my week-old '09 CE to seal it up early. I used the little foam applicator that came in the box. Very impressed with the results. I'll add an update after the winter to see how the job held up, so this can be a reference of sorts. It also smells nice
  5. My '09 CE automatic is a September 2008 build. I drive about 17000 miles a year. It will be interesting to see what sort of bugs arise - if any - with my car being built a few months after start of production. No issues yet other than a squeaky trunk floor when I have items >25lbs loaded. My dad's '05 Echo Hatchback had the same squeak and it was just where the foam support was seated.
  6. My '09 CE automatic has about 2100 miles on it now, and I have noticed an improvement in low-end torque. I don't have to run the revs as high (less pedal) in city driving to move at the same pace. This obviously translates into better fuel economy since I'm not on the gas pedal as much to achieve the same driving characteristics. I made an 80 mile highway trip this morning at 75mph. I filled up on the way to the highway. My gas gauge has dropped less than 1/8 tank. This same trip used right around 1/8 tank when the car had 900 miles on it, and I first took it on the highway. Obviously there are environmental conditions to factor in (windspeed etc) but I am pretty sure from the improved throttle response that I am using less fuel than when the car was brand new.